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Tips for stress-free garden clearances


Starting a garden clearance can be daunting, especially when it is a mammoth task and you’re worried about how long it is going to take. That’s why it is always best to be as prepared as possible for your clearance to avoid stress.

Fast Skips, who provide skip hire in the UK provide skips and offer advice to people completing garden and home clearances every week. They have created some top tips to help make your garden clearance as stress-free as possible from their experiences.

Create a timeline

To avoid overwhelm of how long the clearance is going to take, you should create a timeline of the steps you’ll need to take to complete the job.

You can also work out how long it will take by dividing your garden into the sections you will work on. Start with one section and time how long it took you to complete. This will help you create an estimate for the whole clearance.

Separate your waste types

After knowing roughly how long your garden clearance will take, you’ll need to decide what you’ll do with all of the waste you have collected in the process. It is not always as easy as having one waste type that you can put into your garden recycling bin. Therefore, we recommend you write a list of the different wastes you will need to dispose of so you can do your research on what you will do with it.

Separate your waste as you go along if this is easier, creating piles will make it easier for you to see how much there is and what types of waste you have. For example, you may have lots of green waste including grass and shrubbery but you may also have items from your shed that have not come naturally from your garden.

Green waste can often be put into your council green bins if you have them, but there is a limit on the weight, so you must check this first. Other items may need to be taken to the tip or if they are still in good condition, can be sold online or taken to the charity shop.

Order a skip

If you cannot transport the waste to the tip yourself or you do not have the time, you may be better off hiring a skip. Doing so can reduce stress and help you to focus on the project at hand. The most recommended skip size for a garden clearance is either a six or an eight-yard, but prices will vary depending on your location and the availability in your area.

The best thing about hiring a skip is that you can choose the date and time you want it to be dropped off and picked up, meaning you can schedule it around your project. You will also not have to think about the waste or how you will dispose of it as the waste management company will handle this for you in a responsible manner.

Reduce your bulky waste

Whether you choose to hire a skip or use your household bins, it is still recommended that you reduce your bulky waste as much as possible. Bulky waste often means more money. If you are clearing trees and hedges that have lots of long or bulky branches, you should make every effort to cut them down and into management small pieces to reduce the bulk. Compressing your garden waste will make more room in a skip too, which will save you money on needing to hire another.


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