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A Guide to Aluminium Rafter Glazing Bar Kits


Do you want to cover your caravan, bike, or car? Or are you thinking of replacing your existing walkway, garden canopy, or veranda?

The best solution for your veranda, canopy, carport roof issues is our Aluminum Glazing Bar Kits. You can use them to replace your old roof that is no longer serving its purpose. You can add them to your current frame. Or you can add it to your custom-built or DIY frame.

A rafter bar kit is a cheap way to replace your roof on your current veranda. It is also one of the cheapest ways of offering shade and shelter within commercial grounds or your garden. However, building your own timber frame is much cheaper once you install a new veranda or carport. It is also cheap to buy a glazing bar kit to install on your own.

There is an aluminum system in the veranda and a carport roof kit. You can use the system with 35mm and 16mm thick polycarbonate roof sheets. Aluminum is used to make the f-sections, end caps, and glazing bars. Aluminum is not only long lasting. It is also naturally rust resistant. The standard powder coat of all aluminum components is white. A polycarbonate roof panel comeS in either 35mm or 16mm thick. They are shatter and vandal resistant and the structured center provides added strength. They can block over 98% of harmful rays from the sun, so they can keep those underneath shaded and cool.

What Does It Contain?

  • White aluminum powder coat
  • Gaskets
  • Rafter glazing bars
  • Fixings
  • Aluminum end caps
  • F-section capping

Advantages of Aluminum Rafter Glazing Bar Kit:

You Can Add to Your New or Current Frames – You can add this roof system to your existing systems. Use it to replace your old roof. Or add it to your custom built frames, including timber verandas and timber carports.  Check these out – https://livingspacedoors.com/aluminium-roof-glazing-bars/

Cost Effective – It is much cheaper to buy a veranda roof kit than to buy commercial carport or veranda, so it can save you hard cash.

Versatile Usage – You can use it to cover seating areas, outside dining, play areas, caravans, cars, and much more. 

Variable Roof Pitch – Its minimum roof pitch is 2.5° and its maximum pitch is 40°.

Come in Different Sizes – You will find it in any length and its maximum projection is 6m.

Supply Only – You will only find it as supply only. You can either hire a local expert to install this roof system or install this system yourself.

Roof Sheets are Available – Use a 35mm or 16mm structured polycarbonate roof sheets to create a full roof kit.

Blocks Over 98% of UV Rays – You can use polycarbonate roof sheets (optional by the way) to protect those underneath from the sun, so they can help reduce the risk of heat stroke and sunburn. Sun exposure increases the risk of the paintwork on your caravan, bike, or car fading, so you can use them to reduce sun exposure.


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