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Essential Accessories For Your Garden


Whether you want to make your garden pretty to enjoy personally or you want to host an outdoor party, you’re going to need to add a few things to your garden to make it happen. Let’s look at some of the essential items you need to make your garden a great place to chill out.


For most gatherings you’re going to need food in some form and whilst you could get some deli meats and other nibbles, a barbecue is ideal if you’re already outside anyway. Not only does everyone love a barbecue, but you can use it for cooking some great meals for yourself whenever you want. So don’t think a barbecue is just something you only use a few times a year, every evening of summer could be spent cooking up great dinners.

It’s not just cheeky burgers that can be made on a grill either, you can cook up a range of meals including healthy and vegetarian options. Firing up the barbecue to cook some grilled chicken is the perfect way to get nutrition like protein, especially if you’ve been at the gym after work.

Bbq covers will also help keep your grilling machine in pristine condition, keeping it from being invaded by creatures attracted to the smell of food or any weather conditions that might hit.

Furniture and Shelter

Guests will need somewhere to sit, and so will you. Whether you feel like relaxing in the sun or you’re simply just keeping an eye on the barbecue, some sort of furniture or chairs will always come in handy to have.

Garden furniture like rattan sofas are pretty popular now, even being sold in bargain shops for around a hundred pounds or more. Alternatively, you could stick with the classics and buy a set or two of plastic garden chairs, which should hold up in the rain and other weather too. Don’t forget tables to go with the chairs, either wooden or plastic depending on your chosen garden aesthetic, you might want things to match after all.

To go with this furniture, you can also think about adding shelter too. From going all in and getting a gazebo to putting one or two parasols nearby, it’ll provide protection from getting too much sun or from being caught out by unexpected rain.

For the ultimate in relaxation, you can get chairs that swing – or even a hammock!

Shed or Storage Box

If you need to put anything in the garden away on a rainy day or when winter comes, then you’ll need a shed or a storage box. Having outside storage will be much handier than having to bring things indoors and taking up valuable house space.

A storage box can even become an extra place for guests to sit. It will help keep your garden tidy and allow any items you don’t need indoors, like boots, footballs or kid’s toys to be kept safe while leaving you with space for the more important stuff inside. Storage boxes range from £50 to over £100, while you may be able to get a good deal on a shed from certain stores too.

Lighting and decoration

As well as making the garden functional, you’ll also probably want to make it pretty too. Draping some fairy lights over your fence is a simple way of making your garden look beautiful, the extra light will also help when it gets too dark. Hanging some plants in baskets along the walls or fence can also add some colour.

If using your fence isn’t an option for whatever reason, solar powered lanterns can be placed on the floor or in the grass, as can some plant pots.


Even in summer, a cold breeze can come along unexpectedly. Give yourself and guests the option of staying nice and cosy with items such as a patio heater, fire pits or a chiminea. You can also simply add some blankets to use, just leave them by the furniture so they can be used whenever.

Make the Most of It

Gardens shouldn’t be neglected, if your garden is lacking sparkle, try adding some of these accessories to it. You might find yourself out there more often.


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