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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Area Even in Winter


For many people, their backyard or garden is their pride and joy. Landscaping, ponds, or a feature such as a summer house, can elevate a garden by some degree.

However, some gardening solutions can be costly, and they might also only be appreciated in certain seasons. Here are a few ideas for making the most out of your back garden for different budgets, and different needs 

Why should you invest in your garden?

If you want to invest in your backyard, it doesn’t always have to be financial. Many improvements can be made to this area simply by investing time if you have the appropriate skills.

Gardens make great social areas, especially on sunny days, and balmy evenings. Indeed, what better place to gather while there are social distancing restrictions still happening in other venues?

Planting trees doesn’t have to be expensive, and although it takes some time for the full benefit to appear, they could be financially rewarding as well as being aesthetically pleasing. You could add a considerable amount of money to the value of your home by planting a tree. If you choose the right tree, you could be enjoying free fruit in a few years.

Here are some other ideas for getting more out of your garden. 

Build a garden room

Building a garden room is at the higher end when it comes to financial investment in your backyard. However, they can add as much as 5-15% to the value of a home, so they may be worth it.

Back in the day, the most people used to hope for in their garden was a shed or a gazebo, now garden rooms are extremely popular. There are many creative ideas for garden rooms, and they can be used all through the year even in winter.

Artists and creatives could use these areas as a studio, and they can provide an oasis of peace away from a busy household. 

Add decking for a social area

A plain backyard can be transformed simply by adding one feature, and decking is a great option.

Raised decking can add an attractive element to a garden, and give a focal point for people to gather. If you are lucky enough to enjoy Florida’s weather when it is at its best then you can employ deck builders in Orlando to help with this feature. 

Add solar lighting

If you decide to go down the route of fitting decking, then you can add deck lights to really bring the area to life in the evenings.

Solar LED lighting is a great way to add ambiance to a garden, with or without decking being installed. Solar lights can be an affordable way to change the look of a garden and if you replace existing lighting then they are an energy-efficient way to reduce household bills

Add a treehouse for the kids

There is no doubt that many children enjoy playing in treehouses. If you have a suitable tree and a sizable garden you could build a private playroom for your children to enjoy.

The cost of this project would depend on whether you employed professionals to build it, or if you had the skills and tools at hand to do it yourself. There is another consideration when building treehouses too.

According to the tree care specialists, AP Trees, you may very well need planning permission to erect a treehouse. This is because it will possibly overlook your neighbor’s property and could represent an invasion of privacy, and an eyesore to them. 

Outdoor heating for winter drinks

Seeing as you now have solar LED lights swathing your garden in color gradients, you may as well enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Although solar-powered patio heaters may one day become popular, sadly for now you will have to look at ones that use gas or electricity. On the bright side though, they can make your backyard usable even when it’s cold.

Perfect for enjoying outdoor drinks during the winter holidays including New Year’s Eve. 


Looking after your garden means that you have a private place to relax outdoors, it can be a play area for children, and it can add value to your home. While a garden room can add great value, it may be out of the range for some people, or simply too big for their garden.

Decking offers an interesting way to improve any outdoor area, big or small. With a little planning, even the smallest yard could benefit from having a raised deck for a small group of friends or a couple to relax on and enjoy a summer’s evening.

For anyone with the space, and the time, the cheapest way to improve the look of a garden is to plant tree seeds. However, as this will take years to come to fruition, maybe add some smart solar LED lights to brighten up the place in the meantime.


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