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Top 10 tips when hire patio heater this season


The nights have turned colder, winter is well and truly on its way and the days are shorter. Less daylight and colder evenings mean that you not only have to invest in lighting, but you should also consider hiring a patio heater.

Just because it is cold outside, patio heater hire enables you to do several things. Not only can an electric heater provide warmth if you are working on a DIY project outside, but a patio heater also enables you to enjoy time outside with friends and family, providing a warm glow to any outdoor event. But what should you look out for when hiring a patio heater? Here are our research of the top ten tips for hiring a patio heater this season.

1) Fuel source

Patio heaters can either be powered by gas or electric. If you require electric patio heater hire, consider where the heater will be placed as it will require a power source. Electric patio heaters can be used indoors. Gas patio heaters are designed for use outdoors. Gas heaters rely on propane gas heaters, which heat up quickly.

2) Price

Gas patio heater hire provides a cost-effective way of heating a large space. The longer the hire period, the cheaper the patio heater is to hire. So, if you are thinking of entertaining friends and family this Christmas, consider hiring a patio heater over several days so that you can enjoy a festive tipple in the garden – on more than one occasion.

3) Design

Patio heaters are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Some can be wall mounted, whilst most are freestanding. Gas heaters emit heat around the unit and above it. They also have a cosy glow, which helps to create a nice warm atmosphere.

4) Weather

If you are thinking about hiring a patio heater then you need to consider the weather. Windy weather means any heat will be reduced. Do not expose your patio heater to strong winds.

5) Space

If you hire a patio heater, consider where the patio heater will be placed. What available space do you have? Consider placing it where people will naturally congregate.

6) Numbers

If you are having a party, how many guests will there be? Is one patio heater enough? Do you have enough space to safely accommodate two patio heaters?

7) Delivery

Have you Googled patio heater hire near you? Is this because you want to collect the patio heater? Or are you looking for patio heater hire that is close to where you live because you want to reduce delivery costs? Most tool hire businesses will allow you to collect tools or they can be delivered for a small charge. However, remember, patio heaters are heavy items, and any vehicle will need to have a minimum two tonne load capacity. If you think that a patio heater would be too heavy for your vehicle, consider having the patio heater delivered to your location for a small fee.

8) Hire v buy

Electric patio heaters are not cheap to purchase. Patio heater hire is cost effective. If you do not use a patio heater on a regular basis then you should hire a patio heater.

9) Atmosphere

How would you like your guests to feel? Do you want your guests to feel warm and cosy? Hire a patio heater. Or are you looking to keep customers warm and comfortable? Hire a patio heater. Guests and customers that feel warm and comfortable will have a nice experience and will leave your location/establishment feeling happy.

10) Safety

Are patio heaters safe? If not used correctly, any patio heater can cause damage, injury, or fire. Patio heaters should be lifted and installed properly. Listen to any guidance that you are given on how to use the patio heater and read all instructions carefully.

Patio heaters give a warm glow to any outdoor barbecue or party. They are also brilliant pieces of kit for heating pub and restaurant gardens and beer gardens. Or are you having a winter wedding in Edinburgh, for example? If you require patio heater hire in Edinburgh, do a quick Google search for online tool hire depots in Scotland. Find a tool hire specialist near your that can meet all your patio heater hire needs. If you would like further advice on finding the perfect patio heater, talk to an online tool hire customer support, or simply give them a call asking for the tool you need.


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