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Raised beds | What are They and why do you Need Them?


Raised beds are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to create your own fairytale garden. They can be built over anything, which is why they are often put in school gardens or other community places (a manageable way to garden in a place with no plant experts). 

All you need to do is make sure there is enough space in the box for your plants, good-quality soil, good drainage, and lots of sun for the greens to grow healthy!

More about raised beds

In this article, you will learn more about raised flower beds and how to build one on your own. It’s easy, you just have to know some key rules to keep it safe and growing.

What are raised beds?

Raised garden bed” usually refers to a box or set of frames with no top and bottom that is rising above the ground level. It is commonly used to cultivate a small plant garden in a place where there are no suitable soil conditions for an in-ground garden… or just because it looks beautiful. 

Advantages of raised flower beds

Here are some of the benefits of growing plants in raised beds:

  • Raised beds are an easily manageable way to build a garden.
  • Raised beds take up less place and can be placed as high as you want.
  • Building raised beds requires some creativity and a little bit of work at the beginning, but after that, they can save your knees and back during gardening sessions.
  • Crops are better separated and rotated in raised garden beds.
  • Raised beds warm up quickly during the spring and allow a longer growing season.

How to build raised beds like a professional

Building a raised garden bed has its own peculiarities, but if you follow some simple steps, you cannot fail. 

Choose a shape you like

Raised beds can be in various shapes and sizes. To make the best choice, take into consideration your available space and the landscaping theme of your garden. The classic raised bed is square or rectangular in shape. But you can also buy or make custom-shaped beds, oval garden beds, and spiral raised beds. 

Choose height that suits your garden level

Be aware of what the plant demands and how deep its roots are. Sometimes it is better for the plant to be in a shorter bed instead of a high one with much soil in it. However, if you have kids or pets running around, it will be better to build your garden beds as high as possible to prevent stepping into them. 

Choose width that suits your garden level

No matter what width you choose, just be sure that you can access all your raised bed plants. Sometimes, building a too wide and long bed makes it impossible to access the whole garden. We advise you not to exceed 120cm in width.


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