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Conveyancing Delivered For Homebuyers & Investors


Conveyancing Delivery Is A key Requirement

If you are moving house, buying an additional property, selling your home or remortgaging then your conveyancing delivery timescale should be established. In todays UK marketplace buying and selling property can be a problem, if it takes too long. The Vendor may feel that they can get more for their property if they place their property back on the market for sale. They may be tempted with higher offers from other Buyers that can proceed much faster.

Gazumping is a real problem

Buying A Property? – Then Get Your Ducks In A Row

It is imperative that if you are buying a property that you can deliver conveyancing within the Vendors expected timeframe.

To help with this you can visit the Homebuyer Conveyancing Comparison website, where without disclosing your contact details, you can compare Mortgage Lender approved purchase conveyancing quotes.

Each Homebuyer purchase delivered conveyancing quote includes a search pledge. If your property transaction fails through no fault of your own, then another set of searches are provided for Free up to a value of £300 for your replacement property.

You can instruct your Solicitor to carry out the property searches on the day of instruction. You do not have to wait for the Survey to take place. Your new property maybe located within a local Authority that has property search delays. You need to somehow resolve this delay, hence ordering them earlier will help. Alternatively the Homebuyer search partner – Onesearch Direct owned by Landmark may have some faster searches that you can use. Search providers now provide extra supportive services for Solicitors and their Clients to help get the job done.

Are You Selling A Property?

If you are selling a property then before you accept the first offer that arrives you must ask what the Buyers Timeframe is. They may want to move in the summer Holidays or just after in September. Does that work for you?

Instruct a Solicitor when you place your property for sale on the market. Do some Homework and review comparable properties near you. Is your property asking price below market, too cheap?

What Is The Target delivery Timeframe For Completion?

If you are a First Time Buyer and buying a New Build then you should complete in less than 8 weeks and many Developers ask you to exchange within 28 days. Before you sign ask what the Developers snagging process is?

Buy to Let investors focus on a fast completion so that they can start earning from their Investment. They can expect to complete on New build in less than 8 weeks and buying a residential resale property they will be looking for completion within 5 – 6 months of the accepted offer.

Investors are savvy and at Homebuyer Conveyancing they see many repeat Buy To Let Investors utilising the Homebuyer Lender Conveyancer finder service 24/7. They understand that having the Conveyancer on standby, together with a fully itemised reliable conveyancing quote is what they need to make their move. They forward plan their conveyancing and once an offer is accepted their conveyance can start the very same day.

Homeowners and Investors may be involved within a long property chain. This is a high risk area, where just one part of the property chain can cause the whole chain to fail. The completion delivery could be between 5 – 8 months and sometimes longer.

Do all you can to minimise a delayed conveyance.

Understand What The Key Conveyancing Milestones Are

If you are buying or selling UK property then understand how to keep track of your conveyance. Manage the process by monitoring the delivery of conveyancing key milestones. Return your paperwork promptly and do ensure that you can contact your chosen Solicitor directly.

Your Estate Agent may suggest you use their Conveyancing contact. Ask them what referral they are earning. You need to get a conveyancing quote from the recommended firm. Once you have it you can go online and compare comparable conveyancing quotes using the Homebuyer Conveyancing Comparison service. No obligation just a great source to help you budget for conveyancing over a coffee.

If you have a Conveyancing question then do call the Homebuyer Conveyancing Helpline on 0345 463 7664


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