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Modern ways to find a removal company

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The days of calling every removal company in the yellow pages for a quote are long gone, and good riddance. Next time you’re moving home, embrace the digital age and use the power of the internet to help take some of the stress out of your hands. There are many different ways to find a removal company online, with thousands of companies out there just waiting to help you. Hopefully this guide can show you how you can find a company online that suits your needs so you can decide what’s right for your move.

Use an online broker

One easy way to get removal company quotes with minimal effort is to use an online broker, like Shiply. You typically have to make a listing on a site, and removal companies registered with the site send you quotes based on the information you’ve given. Once you’ve had a look at the companies’ quotes, pick your favourite and off you go.

Ask for recommendations on social media

Why not write a post along the lines of ‘Can anyone recommend a removal company in the [insert town here] area?’ People on average check their social media accounts many times a day, so you know your post will be seen. If you have followers in the same area, hopefully they’ll be able to help, or might know someone that can. Remember: If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You never know, you might have a friend with a van hiding in your friends list who might come and help you on moving day.

Browse online and check reviews

If you’d prefer to find a local company online and are happy to spend time looking, try googling keywords like ‘removal company [town]’ or ‘house move [town]’ and take a look at the results. If you’re not sure how to choose between companies, take a look at their reviews before making your decision so you can see what other customers thought of the service provided.

Check your favourite blogs

If you follow blogs regularly, why not check their previous posts to see if they have ever written about moving house. Their blog post may have mentioned the company they used, but if not, reach out to them in the comments and ask them how they found the company for their move.  

Check for online coupon codes

A quick search for coupons online will give you an idea of what sort of offers are around. A new removal company might be offering discounts as a new business, or there might be money off self-driving van hire. Look around for the best offers and see what works for you.


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