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A Guide To Co-Living In London


Did you move to London and are you looking for the perfect accommodation for an affordable price? Renting a flat in the city is pretty expensive, especially in the centre, but fortunately, there are other very good options in terms of price quality. It’s the case of co-living accommodations and in London, they are growing more every year.

What is co-living?

Co-living is a modern form of communal living where people live in the same building, have their own private room but share all the communal spaces. The good thing about this type of accommodation is that the price includes all the bills, from fast internet to housekeeping and from building management to on-site facilities. You won’t have to worry about anything rather than the grocery.

This type of housing is very common between young professionals and remote workers because it gives access to facilities where to work, where to socialize and create a community.

Which types of co-living structures exist?

There are mainly two types of co-living accommodations:

Hotel-like model.

In this model, the tenant has his own private room in a big building, and the majority of the time is spent in the communal areas. The most expensive hotel-like co-living developments have an extensive range of luxury amenities, such as games/cinema rooms, swimming pools and gyms.

Inside this kind of co-living structure, the tenants can take part in social events organized by the management to stimulate community building, and there are opportunities to create networks of people from all different backgrounds.

Traditional co-living.

In this model, existing residential units have been turned into co-living accommodation and adapted to provide a functional and more affordable house-share experience. All the services necessary are included in the price, including laundry, weekly cleaning service and flexible rates, but normally there aren’t luxury services as in the ‘hotel-like’ model.

Inside the traditional co-living, the atmosphere is more familiar and there are good opportunities to create a very family-like community.

How much does co-living cost in London?

The price of co-living space varies from the type of co-living and the kind of amenities included. In general, given all the services included, it is a cheaper option compared to a normal flat rent but the price can rise to £1700 per month.

In ‘hotel-like’ co-living spaces the price can vary from £1000 to £1600 a month due to all the luxury amenities included such as well-equipped gyms, swimming pools or even cinema rooms.

In traditional co-living instead, where the living style is more like a house, the charges are lower and it can vary from £700 to £1050 per month.

Which are the general advantages of co-living spaces?

In the UK and around the world, more and more people are choosing to live in co-living spaces, mainly in and around busy urban and city centres and with good reason.

Flexible arrangements

If you’re not ready to commit to a long-term contract and be tied down, co-living offers you flexibility and freedom to leave when you need to.

The contract length can vary and can be shorter or longer based on your needs. There aren’t harsh conditions and you have the option to explore others areas before choosing where to settle down for the long term.


Compared to a normal apartment rent, being in a co-living structure is more affordable. In the price you pay, you will have included all the bills as well as the access to on-site facilities (where present) and you won’t have to worry to set up utilities, scheduling monthly bills or buying any furniture.

Diverse residents and spirit of community

If you are moving from another city or another country, being part of the co-living community is a great opportunity to meet new people and stimulate networking. The environment is designed and supplied to encourage creativity, innovation, and teamwork and everyone can join the events organised without any limits.

Choosing co-living in London is a brilliant option nowadays with lots of opportunities, but make sure you are ready to share your space with someone else!


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