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How to Choose a Removal Company


With plenty of removal companies in the UK to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to know what type of service you need and the processes involved.

In the blog, we’ll explain how to search online and to find reviews, what the company should offer, how property surveys are conducted and what you can do to negotiate the cost.

Finding The Right Removal Company

In this hi-tech modern world, you should focus on finding a good company by using search engines such as Google and Bing. Use certain keywords or phrases such as ‘Removals [your location]’ and many pages should appear with various companies based close by.

Another option is searching on dedicated review sites such as Removal Reviews, Trust Pilot, Free Index, Yelp and many others.


Make a list of the top 5-7 companies, Google each company name and from there you’ll see their profile page on the right-hand side of the screen. Take a note of the companies with the highest positive reviews but read the negative comments and check if the company responded by stating the issue was rectified.

What Do They Offer?

Type of Service

With your shortlist, go onto their website and look for what they offer. Are they a comprehensive house removals company that provides a packing service, loaned boxes for self-packing or do they just offer a basic service? This will be important, especially if you don’t have time to pack or if you want to avoid the cost of buying packing materials which can be expensive.


You should ask for a copy of their terms and conditions and thoroughly read them to understand the postponement and cancellation charges. You don’t want to be charged full price for postponing if your completion date is moved.


It will be very wise to ask about insurance cover, the amount you’re covered for and what items are actually included. Removal companies use various third-party insurance providers with each offering different types of cover. Perhaps ask a few questions such as ‘if my TV is broken during the move, will I receive a replacement and how long will the claim take to process?’.

Receiving a Quote

Remote or In-Person Survey

Since the pandemic, many removal companies now offer remote property surveys via a video call using WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom. This involves walking through your property and showing the surveyor everything you wish to move. They’ll make a note of your belongings, discuss the process and offer a quote. It takes between 10-20mins depending on the size of the property. Don’t be put off by this method because it’s essentially the same as an in-person survey but with the added convenience of doing it in your own time.

Dismantling and Assembly of Furniture

Any reputable company will offer this service. After all, it’s impossible to move a double bed or large wardrobe through a doorframe or down the stairs without dismantling it beforehand. However, you can negotiate the cost of the move by offering to do this yourself but ask for an itemised quote to find out if this service has been included or not. You don’t want to pay for something you’re doing yourself.

Late Key Fees

In the UK, the most common time for getting the keys to the new property is 1pm on completion day. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur and this time can get delayed. You should ask the removal company for their late key policy and if there are any extra charge. Most companies have fees of £50-100/hour for waiting to unload after 1pm but they also offer a ‘Late Key Waiver’ at an optional cost that voids these charges.

We hope this blog has highlighted the key factors from the initial search to lowering the overall cost of using a removal company.


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