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A Short Guide for Renting An Apartment In Malta

A Short Guide for Renting An Apartment In Malta

Malta is an impressive country because of its history and location in the middle of the Mediterranean. Many visitors see Malta yearly and have considered staying long after their first visit. So, if you’re planning to rent a place in Malta, this short guide is for you.

Everything You Should Know About Renting in Malta

Below are some tips you should consider:

Renting is pretty straightforward in Malta 

The first requirement is to find the place you want to rent and ensure you can afford it. Consult an agency and show your interest. In short, you have no restriction on renting a place whether you’re on vacation or moving to the country permanently. However, you should ensure you have the right visa to stay to avoid any issues. For instance, you don’t want to rent a place for months when you only plan to stay for a few days. Visit Shortzzz for standard housing options in Malta.

Like anywhere else in the world, the cost of your rent depends on the location, the type of building you want, and the facilities available in the place. Generally, apartments are quite affordable and provide most of the modern facilities you’ll need. Villas are more comfortable, but more expensive too. 

Pick a Location According to Your Taste

If you’re there for work, the north is the best place to start looking for a place. Valletta is one of the famous places for foreigners, so you’re likely to meet other foreigners. Since this is the capital, you will find excellent architecture and places to have fun, such as museums, monuments, parks, palaces, etc. Other visitors and retirees can rent a place anywhere in the country—Gozo, St Julians, Sliema, or Medilenna. Every part of the country has its own unique beauty. If you’re unsure, ask a consultant. If you plan to rent on a budget, ask for recommendations for cheap flats to rent in Malta

Enjoy Local Lifestyle 

The local areas, such as villages in Malta, are the best places to enjoy the local lifestyle and affordable rent. Some of these places include towns like Naxxar, Balzan, Attard, and Mosta. They are great places with good amenities and easy access to cities and other larger amenities. You can always talk to people who understand the season, so they will give you some information on what you should know. For instance, you might love cities like Qawra because of its beautiful beaches. However, Qawra gets really busy in the summer as everyone comes to see those beaches.  

Long-term or Short-term 

Before renting, you have to consider how long you want to stay. There are two common options: short-term rentals, which are less than six months, and long-term rentals, which start from 1 year. Short-term rentals are perfect for people on holidays, vacations, or honeymoons, while long-term rentals are a good choice for those who want to stay longer. 

Find a Place that Suits Your Purpose and Pocket 

You should stay in Malta for many reasons, from your love for the country to the comfort and rich history it offers. But the top considerations should be your comfort and choosing a place that meets your budget.


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