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Why You Should Sell Your House This Summer


Across the country, the real estate market is booming, which makes it a great time to sell your home. Many buyers are willing to put in offers above the asking price because the demand and competition are so high. If you decide to sell your house this summer, says Five Star Management Company, there are many things you can do with the influx of cash and decrease in responsibilities associated with owning a home. 

Real estate transactions are often more popular in the summer. The longer days with more sunlight and less unpredictable weather in the summer make selling homes in the summer a favorable idea. Additionally, the current lower interest rates make it so more potential buyers are willing to look at your home and make the investment.  The amount of time to complete the closing process is also currently shorter compared to other times of the year. 

When you are selling a home, it takes a lot of effort for your home to be “showing ready.” This includes mowing the lawn and maintaining the landscaping in the summer, and keeping your home cool and clean. If you are trying to sell your home quickly, you want to offer your home for showings all day. Consider taking a vacation, like one of many southern Caribbean cruises, while your home is available for open houses and showings. You get to relax and enjoy some time away on the water, while also not having to worry about cleaning up after yourself immediately because of an upcoming open house. 

Many families are interested in buying homes in the summer, as moving will not interfere with any of their children’s school or activity schedules. With school and extracurricular activities that ramp up in the fall, families can take the summers to buy new houses and make it their homes before the start of the new school year. The springtime is often also a popular time to buy and sell homes, but come summertime there may be more urgency to complete the purchase, which bodes well for sellers. 

It is often easier to stage a home and make it look good in the summer as compared to other times in the year, which is a real benefit for sellers. It varies depending on where in the country you are and what the weather is typically like, but there are still definitive patterns. In the fall, when the leaves are falling, it can be a lot of work to keep up with your landscaping needs. In the winter, the weather can be unpredictable and snowstorms may affect your ability to hold showings whenever you want. Additionally, when the weather is not as nice it is harder to see the appeal of a big backyard, patio, or pool. 

In the spring, when the weather is nicer, real estate showings tend to increase as compared to the winter. The spring can still be difficult to make your home look good though; the grass may not be fully grown in and green, and trees and flowers may not be in full bloom. All of these little things can add up and therefore cause your house not to look as good as it can be, which may influence potential new buyers.

In the summer, you can have peace of mind knowing the grass will be green, the flowers will have bloomed, and the patio and pool can be used nearly every day. With the extra sunlight, your home may look brighter and more appealing as well. All of this can generate more interest in people wanting to buy your home, which makes selling it an easier thing to do.

Selling your home this summer, especially in the current market, may be a smart investment. It will likely sell quickly, so consider staging your home then taking a nice vacation so you can enjoy some rest and relaxation while your home does the hard work. 


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