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5 Ideas to Turn a Condo Apartment into a Home


You may have checked a listing site to check for a condo for sale in Las Piñas City, or other parts of Metro Manila (or even wherever you may be for that matter) and realize that maybe buying a condo is not exactly feasible for now so you decided to rent and that’s okay. 

Renting a condo unit gives you a lot of benefits of condo living but at saving you from the commitment of staying there for a long time, as well as from the financial requirements of purchasing instead of leasing. 

But since you are just renting, you may be thinking that there are constraints to how much work you can do with your condo unit. But this shouldn’t stop you from making your unit your own space. Here are 5 ideas on how you can turn your condo apartment into a home:

Get houseplants

One of the best ways to give your condo unit life is by introducing some greens into it. Studies have shown that having plants can help reduce stress and improve your mood.

Start with easy-to-maintain indoor plants. If you have a balcony, then you can also start your own little garden in it so that your condo unit would feel very homey.

Work with the lighting

Sometimes, the lighting of your unit doesn’t really give it a homey vibe. Check out to what level you can replace the lighting fixtures so that you can use a more relaxing alternative such as warm white. 

But if there’s not a lot of flexibility with that too, then you can also use other forms of lighting such as a floor lamp or a desk lamp. Light strips are also very common nowadays and there should be ways on how you can utilize them to make your rental a lot prettier.

Use scents

Another way to make your condo apartment homier is through the use of scents. Get an aroma diffuser, or make use of scented candles, or simply get a nice room spray with the scent of your liking. If your house makes use of a certain scent, you can probably make use of that to give your unit a sense of nostalgia. Or start out with your own signature scent so that the moment you come home to your unit, you will instantly know that you’re in your own space.

Decorate to your heart’s content

Taking ownership of your space means turning it into your own. It involves decorating with things that you like, and things that make you happy. Of course, you have to be wary of the limits that you as a tenant should observe but definitely, you would have enough ways to decorate your condo apartment.

Start with choosing the colors for your beddings, your curtains. Hang a painting or a poster. Display a toy or some other personal effects. Decorate and turn your condo rental into a space you can call your home.

Finally, keep things tidy

An instant way for you to feel uncomfortable with your unit if there are clutter that’s ruining the feel. It may be the box you used to move in, or some rubbish that came in after you settled, but when your unit starts becoming untidy, it will not give off the cozy feel that you’re after.

So make sure that you spend enough time in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of your unit so that it continues to feel like the home that it should be.

Transform your condo into a home

Renting a condo doesn’t mean that you cannot turn it into your own space. You have limits, yes, but that should not be a hindrance in turning it into your home. So try out the 5 ideas above so your condo apartment feels a lot more like home. 


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