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How to Create the Perfect Bathroom Space


Whether you want to create your dream home interior or add value to your home before selling it on, you’ll want to ensure that your bathroom is functional, spacious and beautifully designed.

Make no mistake; refreshing and updating your bathroom space can deliver an approximate 48% return on your remodelling spend. Typically, installing a new bathroom suite will cost around £2,350, while delivering a return of around £4,900.

Of course, how you choose to modify and upgrade your bathroom space will depend on your motivations, while this will also impact on how much you’re willing to spend. However, here are some general tips and ideas to keep in mind:

#1. Plan the Layout Carefully

Bathroom spaces are typically small and compact, especially in new build homes that have been constructed post-1996.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you take time to plan the layout of your bathroom space in fine detail. You can kick-start this process by creating a scale floorplan of the space, as this enables you to determine precisely how much you have to work with without making any structural changes.

Once you’ve determined the parameters of the space, the next step is to determine the layout of your bathroom suite and the ideal placement of your toilet, bath and shower unit and sink.

At this stage, you can also gauge the optimal size of these fixtures and fittings, as you look to create a proportional space that’s both realistic and functional.

#2. Optimise Your Floor Space

Regardless of your bathroom’s dimensions, we’d recommend that you optimise the floor space at your disposal.

This can help to create a much roomier feel and effectively create the illusion of space in your bathroom, which can be augmented by the installation of mirrors and other glass surfaces that reflect the natural light.

To further optimise your floor space, consider installing wall-mounted cabinets and storage that are naturally elevated above the floor.

The same rule can apply to your vanity units, while this type of approach also helps to create a stylish, contemporary and minimalist aesthetic that buyers tend to favour (just in case you are selling your home or may do in the future!).

#3. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your Fittings

Even the best laid plans and designs can be undermined by a poor finish or rushed choice of fittings, from taps and mixers to the style and colour of your interior tiles.

So, you should invest time into researching the options at your disposal, in line with your desired aesthetic, design ethos and the financial budget that you have to spend on your bathroom space.

This rule even applies to seemingly small fixtures and fittings, including bathroom taps. While this is often considered to be a quick and simple choice, suppliers like Aqualisa actually a wide range of styles to help compliment most design aesthetics you can imagine.

So, take the time to make the right design choices and don’t underestimate the importance of the finish in your bathroom!


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