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Guide to buying your first home in Essex


Buying a new house is a stressful undertaking and also a life-changing experience for newbie homeowners. But here is a guide to help you in the twists and turns of the long and demanding journey of buying a house in Essex.

Think About the Costs

It is known that properties across Essex are among the highest in the UK so it is best to work out your budget for a house in Essex. Keep in mind that you have to spend for the deposit and monthly mortgage payments

The deposits typically require a minimum of 5%, though the ideal would be at least 10%. It would be best to consider additional costs such as mortgage fees, survey costs, solicitor fees, and building insurance.

Choose the Right Mortgage.

Think of your mortgage principle. This is an estimation of how much money you can borrow from a bank or building society. You can directly ask this from a bank or a mortgage broker.

Get a Mortgage Adviser

Getting a mortgage adviser is a wise choice. The mortgage adviser has expert knowledge on the mortgage market. They will review the mortgages available, find the best mortgage based on your personal situation, and apply on your behalf. In addition to helping you research the best mortgage broker in Essex, they inform you which lenders are most likely to approve your application and give you tips for a speedy application process to save your precious time.

Register with your Local Agents

Make use of estate agents to make the house searching and buying process quick and smooth. They can help you plan a good number of property viewings and give advice on up-and-coming areas.

Make an Offer

Once you’ve found the perfect house, you can now make an offer through the estate agent. Carefully think of how much you would be willing to pay for the property. If you offer too low, they may not consider you as a serious buyer, and if you go too high, you may lose a lot, so set a realistic offer. Your agent will guide you throughout the process.

If your offer got accepted, congratulations and pour yourself a drink. If not, that doesn’t mean the transaction is final because the seller may rethink their decision as new offers are laid. You can continue searching for houses that fit your budget with your estate agent.

Hire a Property Solicitor

If your offer has been accepted and your purchase is finalized, it is time to hire a property solicitor called a conveyancer to handle the legal aspects of the transaction. The conveyancer will conduct searches, liaising, inspecting documents, dealing with Land Registry, and all legal requirements.

Get a Survey and Arrange Building Insurance

It is advisable to arrange a survey to check for unforeseen structural issues of the property. Also, to have a sense of protection, arrange a building insurance to protect your property and its content and to prevent worsening of your financial situation in an event of fire.

Exchange contracts

When your solicitor and the seller’s solicitor successfully exchanged contracts, then it is time to celebrate because you are about to move into your new house. Collect the keys and let yourself in!


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