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How to get your property ready as life returns to normal


The world came to a standstill in 2020 all thanks to the coronavirus. Countries went under lockdown, international travel was stopped completely, economies fell, and the entire chain of demand and supply was affected. Every industry and every sector was affected due to COVID-19, including the real estate market of the UK. Well, now that the world is getting ready to live with coronavirus and life is returning to normal, estate agents are recommending that it is time to get your property in order. From estate agents in Buckingham to estate agents in Aylesbury, we spoke to them all; here are some tips and tricks from the best real estate agents to ensure your property is market-ready.

It’s all about the little things

Give your property an excellent new paint job. Re-paint the kitchen cabinets; paint the walls inside, maybe a top coat outside. Something as small as a new layer of paint can make a property seem brand new; this goes a long way during open houses and buyer viewings. Dry clean any visible stains on the upholstery, dry clean the curtains; opt for new bed linen. Start fixing any broken furnishings or cracks in the wall, make sure all the appliances are working – in fact, since more and more people are getting accustomed to spending time at home, try to upgrade the appliances depending on your budget. You want to present a property that looks clean and brand new.

Make space for a work station

COVID 19 has made a lot of people work from home permanently. While a few employees are going back to work, quite a few people have taken to the work from home life. When potential buyers look at a new home now, they’re going to look for a home office. If you don’t have the budget to build one, designate a small area somewhere in the property which can be showcased as a work from home space. Make sure it has a work desk, some green spaces and a whole lot of privacy.  Maybe you could convert a spare bedroom in a work station. Perhaps you could build a small outhouse which can be used as a workspace – this will also increase the overall price of your home. Keep the buyer’s needs and future needs in mind.

Opt for natural light and green touches

Potential buyers always like a house that gets a lot of natural light. A property that receives a lot of natural light and has a few plants inside always does well during viewings and open houses. Also, natural light deceives the eye to make the room look brighter and more significant. Even if you don’t have too much space in your property, try to place a few plants around. A green leafy plant in the living room, a small succulent in the bathroom, a herb garden on the terrace, a gorgeous array of potted plants in the patio – the choice is yours. Try to use sheer curtains to allow more light to enter the house – this creates a feeling of warmth and makes the house feel like a home.

Clean all the clutter

Virtual showings are going to become the way of the future. Most potential buyers will see pictures of the property online, or they will opt for a virtual showing on the place. In either case, you need to make sure that the house is spic and span. Get rid of the extra throw pillows, remove the clutter from the living room table, ensure the place looks spacious, get rid of any extra showpieces, clean up after your kids so no toys are lying around, remove any extra rugs or carpets – you get the idea. When the potential client sees the property online, they should be able to see the property without having their attention-getting diverted by clutter or a mess.

Increase the value for money

Make people feel that they are getting more than they paid for. Have a small little balcony? Create a small covered seating area. Got a spare bedroom? Convert that into a home office. Is there space on the terrace? Create a kitchen garden or a hanging garden. Thinking of remodelling the kitchen? Change the countertops to give it a more modern look and feel. Got some extra space along the wall? Create a new storage space there. You want the potential buyer to think that they are looking at a property that gives them value for money. Since many sellers might start pricing their property at a low cost to ensure a sale, you need to convince a potential buyer to buy your property at its correct value simply because your property has so much to offer.


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