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Ingenious hotels in Dubai — living well is not forbidden!


The Emirates in general and Dubai in particular are renowned for an abundance of beautiful luxury buildings. And in this respect, hotels are no exception. We want to introduce you to three options for original living – places where you can fully relax your body and soul and our real estate agency in Dubai will help you in it.

Hotel Meydan

Meyadan Hotel bears the name of the famous stadium, where the iconic horse races are held. Yes, you read that right: the hotel rooms are located right on the territory of the racetrack. And not just on the territory – the best performances here fully replace the stands for spectators. Relaxing in your room, sipping champagne or having lunch and at the same time watching fast horses – it seems that the idea of ​​this hotel is really extremely original.

Meydan Hotel is comfortable, has its own spa, as well as a wonderful rooftop relaxation area. There, in the open air, you can enjoy great views, sunbathe and swim in the pool – and no one will bother you.

Raffles Dubai

Raffles Dubai is an unusual hotel, which is primarily notable for its unique architecture. Located in the UAE, it has a nod to another country in the Middle East, reminiscent of the great Egyptian pyramids.

The interior decoration of the rooms is designed in light colors, sand shades prevail, and the building itself has been one of the main attractions of the emirate for many years. Everything in the hotel speaks of a high status: natural materials, precious stones are used here, and in the most luxurious rooms there is a jacuzzi.

Hotel Armani

Armani Hotel is another iconic place inspired by the famous fashion house Giorgio Armani. Light shades in the interior are combined with luxury and richness of used fabrics, and natural wood fittings only emphasize the high status of this accommodation.

Armani is considered one of the trendiest hotels in Dubai. Moreover,Armani Prive nightclub is right on the territory of the hotel complex where the elite spend their time.

We will help youto find accommodation in Dubai!

Dubai is truly breathtaking in its selection of tourist attractions. If you want to find property for a longer stay or for moving to permanent residence, then you cannot do without the help of agencies. AX Capital will be the best choice in this matter, because the company deals not only with selection and search of housing, but also with paperwork, property registration and after-sales service.

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