Home Property Are there more hazards when building your own home?

Are there more hazards when building your own home?


Building your own home can be a huge benefit for a whole host of reasons, from cost to functionality. However, have you ever taken into consideration, whether there is an increase in the amount of hazards in the work environment? With most building sites there is an expert at hand to ensure maximum safety amongst the staff, but on a self-build, safety can sometimes be reduced.

In this article we will be looking at some of the key points to look out for when planning to build your own home. Alongside listing a bunch of items from within the PPE industry that will help to keep you safe.

Cutting Corners

Building your own house usually means saving money, when trying to save money some of the less educated in the building and safety sector would start to cut corners. Cutting Corners can serious increase the amount of hazards around the building site, whether this is by not buying the correct PPE items or not putting the correct materials into the build. Not wearing the correct PPE will result in unprotected workers, whether this is just yourself or others around you.

While cutting corners in regards to the reduction of the correct materials, means you could be building a property which will not be rated for the correct safety ratings. This is where the real injuries can occur, with even the smallest error causing the potential of a death, this is a risk that is not worth taking.


Linked with cutting corners, cost is usually the biggest factor. With most building sites there is tonnes of materials needed to complete the project, saving a few pounds here and there can really build up to a huge saving. But at what cost, getting a reduction in material cost isn’t a bad thing, but having less rated alternatives can result in an unstable building and can result in serious hazards.


PPE also known as Personal Protective Equipment is a category of safety equipment which is designed to keep an individual safe whilst at work. PPE has a wide range of products from steel toe cap boots to hard hats, each item is designed to protect a specific area on the body. For instance FR work trousers are designed to protect the wearer from open flames, helping to reduce the chance of burns. Whereas items like hard hats are designed to reduce the impact of falling objects on the wearers head.


With cuttings costs as the main point of this article, we would recommend to complete your project in complete safety without creating hazards. Items like work trousers can easily increase your project on a work site, and other items in the PPE category will also increase your safety. Remember to wear the correct PPE for the type of environment you’re working in. If you are unsure about what PPE you will need to wear, always ensure you ask an expert.


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