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Should you choose 1 or 2 bedrooms for your next flat?


It’s easy to be excited when you are readying a move into a new home. However, if sky-high house prices threaten your ability to afford the home of your dreams, you might have resorted to reining in your expectations and limiting your search to relatively small flats.

As you search, price concerns could lead you to forget nice-to-haves and focus on have-to-haves. This can raise the question of how many bedrooms you should choose for your flat. Would a second bedroom be essential? Here are some tips for making your mind up.

How much space do you want – or need?

If your experiences of living in the UK have often felt claustrophobic, rest assured that it’s an understandable feeling. BBC News reports that the UK has some of Europe’s smallest properties.

This situation has undoubtedly disgruntled people. In research from the Royal Institute of British Architects, 47% of surveyed people said they lacked sufficient space for their furniture, while 57% highlighted a lack of storage space. Good reasons to push for that second bedroom, perhaps…

Consider room sizes, not just room quantity

The UK is unusual among countries in that, in this market, properties are marketed on the strength of the bedroom tally rather than square footage. As a result, rooms tend to be plentiful in number but small in size. Could you contend with a cramped space for long?

That’s before we even bring up the subject of gardens. Opting for a flat with a garden could mean sacrificing the size of the building – and, therefore, further limiting the size of the bedrooms.

How much money is there for you to play with?

Yes, the subject of your budget – it’s an obvious one, surely? Unsurprisingly when you consider what we have just said, you might need to shell out more for a two-bedroom flat compared to a one-bedroom offering that is somewhat similar in amenities and location.

How stark can the pricing differences be between one- and two-bedroom abodes? Well, if we look at the UK city of Manchester, the Manchester Evening News cites the example of the Middlewood Locks development, where pricing starts at £166,000 for one bed and £239,000 for two.

However, keep in mind that, here, we are focusing on Manchester’s city centre housing market, which is flourishing. Naturally, location can be a factor in the prices that different flats fetch, so you might want to keep an eye out for overlooked – and, thus, underpriced – gems.

What if you will be living with a partner in that flat?

Though you and your partner might be willing to share a bed, you might find a second bedroom necessary if, for example, the only one-bedroom flats you can find aren’t large enough to accommodate a bed suitable for two people to sleep in simultaneously.

Whether you go for one or two bedrooms, these typical medium van load space specifications show how the right van could help you to get your possessions into the flat.

New developments available

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