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Tips for Renting to First-Time Tenants


There is an unexplainable rush of mixed emotions for people planning to take their baby steps towards finding their first rental property. In a majestic city like London, it is pretty overwhelming for anybody when it comes to house-hunting, especially for the first-timers. With a whole lot of planning and execution, people can find the best properties to rent in Surrey, Kent, Epsom and other counties of London. It is important for people to sort their priorities list like finances, amenities, location etc., and know the entire process of renting a household to enjoy a hassle-free moving into their new letting property.


London is an enormous city with hundreds of boroughs and counties scattered across the place. It is difficult to come to a conclusion while trying to finalise the best areas for renting. Based on the distance from the workplace, nearby amenities, healthcare, transport facilities and other significant aspects, people can try to create a list of desirable neighbourhoods before getting into the process of house-hunting. 


With too many residential options available in London, it definitely takes several weeks to come up with the best home to rent. Checking on the suitable property types, interiors, open spaces for detached homes, and other essential add-ons is a must to get hold of the best property. Most properties do not provide their tenants with a dedicated parking space, and it becomes difficult to find one at the last minute.


Initial research requires more time in this entire house-hunting process to find the best place to call it home. For starters, it will take a few weeks to several months to land their eyes on the right location and property. It is therefore advisable for new renters to begin their search earlier to take things forward without causing a delay. There are virtual home tours arranged by local estate agents, which is a time-saving option. Inspecting the property for repairs and other issues is vital and must be reported to the landlord in advance to avoid unnecessary deductions from deposits while moving out of the home.


It is very important to set a budget line before getting into the property, renting or buying a business. Compared to purchasing a property, renting is a feasible option, and most of the tenants prefer the latter to save a lump sum. Calculating the utilities, initial tenancy deposits, rents, and other expenses will help the tenant decide their type of property. It is also essential for the renter to decide whether they are looking for a furnished or semi-furnished property.


Enquiring the local residents is the best way to find the exact details about the neighbourhood before making any significant decisions. Whether the home is close to any commercial projects, surrounded by noisy neighbours or faces any water scarcity, everything can be known effortlessly from the nearby residents. Similarly, understanding more about the landlord and their rental policies is crucial so that the renter does not face any unfair situations in the future.


As a first time tenant, finding homes to rent is a strenuous task at hand and definitely too much for them to handle the entire process all by themselves. It can even confuse them, and the chances of missing critical steps in between are high. Taking the help of letting agents Surrey, or other neighbouring counties will ease out the person’s workload. Estate agents will assist the tenant and guide them throughout the process for a smooth moving-in. 


Once the property options are finalised, everything else will fall in place. The tenant must prepare their documents for the paperwork. Maintaining low credit scores is essential throughout their tenancy. Submitting a copy of income proofs, rental history, social security number and other details are required for closing the deal before stepping into the tenancy property. Last-minute arrangements will make the process clumsy and only delay the paperwork procedure by a few more weeks. To get the upfront deposits back, tenants should make sure to not cause any damage to the property and pay their rents on time.


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