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What Are The Top 10 Dirtiest Things In Your House?


You might be someone who gives extra importance to keeping your house clean. Even when you have a shiny floor, spotless windows, and flawless carpets, your house need not be actually clean. There are certain things in your house which you might not have a second thought to, which could actually be a breeding ground for germs. Below given is a list of the top 10 dirtiest things in your house:

1. The kitchen sponge

This one is a no-brainer. We all know how dirty the kitchen sponge is. I mean, we take out the dirt from dishes with the kitchen sponge, use it to wipe down spillage on the countertops, and what not? So, the best thing you can do about the same is to replace them every once in a while or else soak them in bleach after use every day.

2. The handle of bathroom faucets

The bathroom may be a dirty place, but at least we clean them every now and then. But this is not the case with the faucet handles of your bathroom. We use them multiple times a day and there is a high chance for bacteria and other kinds of germs to make it their breeding ground. So make sure to clean your faucet handles as diligently as you clean your bathrooms.

3. Pet bowls

If you are a pet owner, then you know how often your pet uses their pet bowls. A vast majority of pet parents do not wash their pet’s bowls before each meal like they do with their own plate. Even though the pet food is dry, it doesn’t mean that the bowl doesn’t need washing.

4. Light switches and doorknobs

Can you keep a count of the number of times we turn a doorknob or switch on the lights of our room? It can be a hard task. So imagine the number of germs that can be present on these surfaces. This is why it is necessary to do a thorough house cleaning every once in a while, focusing on places like doorknobs and light switches.

5. Your pillows

Do you know that your pillowcases are filled with dust mites, bed bugs, and your own dead cells? I mean, can it get any dirtier? If you are someone who does not wash your pillowcase along with the bedsheets, then you are in for some pretty bad news. Do not skip washing your pillowcases ever. 

6. Your cell phone

Do you know how many places your phone has been and which all surfaces it has come in contact with? It can be pretty hard to recollect. Now imagine the number of germs it might have collected from all these places. You bring your phone in direct contact with your face and it can be the source of numerous diseases. Wipe your phone frequently and be conscious of where you put them.

7. Toothbrush holders

You might wonder what is so dirty about toothbrush holders. This is exactly why we never give a thought about cleaning them. They can be breeding grounds for dangerous germs like E.Coli and Salmonella. Remember that this is the place where you keep your toothbrushes. So give them due care and clean them routinely.

8. Cutting boards and kitchen countertops

Is there any food item that we do not cut using a cutting board? The cuts formed on the surface of the boards can be a safehouse for millions of germs that do not go off easily by just scrubbing? You need to take some serious measures to make sure that your kitchen countertops and cutting boards are clean, or else you will have to compromise on the cleanliness of your cooking environment.

9. Kitchen Sink

An obvious member on the list, the kitchen sink is indeed a filth farm. This is the one place where all the dirty dishes are dumped before they are cleaned. Keep your kitchen sink clean to stay away from any stomach trouble as an untidy kitchen sink is the most favorite place for Salmonella and E. Coli.

10. Your coffee maker

I’m pretty sure you were not expecting a coffee maker to be on this list! But unfortunately, coffee maker does contain a significant number of bacteria which might cause you some trouble, if not looked into. Give extra emphasis to the drip tray as this is rarely cleaned.

Now that you know who are the culprits behind a dirty home, you can hire professional house cleaners to give your house that much-needed deep cleaning. This makes sure that professional care is given to your house and there is no dirty spot left.


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