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4 Ways Virtual Reality is Affecting Our Homes


Virtual reality (VR) has sort of crept up on us. For many years, it was something we saw only in science fiction movies but, now, it is here, and the large number of ways it is being used means it is here to stay.

Enhanced Home Entertainment

The entertainment world was one of the first to embrace virtual reality, and now there are cafes and tournaments dedicated to playing VR games. As the technology progresses, it becomes more accessible to home users, and there are already lots of options for people seeking VR headsets for their home. It’s also being used in films to make them more realistic. Oculus even premiered full VR movies at the Sundance Film Festival.  

Online casinos have also become part of the virtual reality world you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. You can play online slots and games, such as poker, in a VR world. Mr Green was one of the first to launch a 3D virtual live casino to simulate a real-life casino. Working together with developers NetEnt, their Live Beyond Live product was a joint venture, funded by them both.

Education At Home

VR has made a big difference to online learning. Our homes are starting to double as our classrooms. While normal e-learning is seen as a double-edged sword, adding VR/AR into the mix helps to deliver the best of both worlds. It’s allowing educators to be more creative in how they teach, such as the award-winning showcase experience created by VR Education Holdings, Apollo 11 VR, which allows users to experience to the famous voyage. 

There are now online courses in just about every subject you can think of and a lot of colleges and universities offer them. Virtual reality is used in these courses to help students learn more about their studies and to be part of a virtual classroom, so they do not feel so disconnected from college life when they are studying at home. A virtual world has the potential to take learning from home to completely new levels of engagement

With more parents than ever homeschooling their children, virtual reality has become a very useful tool for them to use.

Building Plans For Homes

Now, when architects design building plans, instead of showing their clients lots of papers that are not properly understood, they can show them a VR plan of the building, which is far better for presenting a design to a client. These five architects are all already incorporating virtual reality into their workflows and project presentations in order to give their clients a clear image of their vision. 

Interior Design For Homes

At some point, we have all wondered how certain pieces of furniture or new wallpaper will look in our homes. Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Virtual reality can show you as many different interior designs as you want so that you can choose the one most suitable without making a terrible mistake about colours or the three-piece suite you buy. Even the BBC has started a program where homeowners can view all 360 degrees of their planned new interior design. Called Watch This Space, it is another step forward for TV companies embracing VR.


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