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Guest Posting For Natural Link Building: How To Do It


You have a successful business. But as long as people don’t notice your business, you can’t expect to grow.

The solution?

Well, you can get noticed by featuring your brand name on prestigious websites.

Precisely, this is what guest posting can help you with. But, more so, guest posts can help your website rank better in SERPs.


Well, they can get your website backlinks. And we already know that backlinks are one of the most significant factors affecting SERP rankings.

But, we also know that Google and most of the other popular search engines strictly suggest not to use paid link building tactics.

So, what do you do?

Well, guest posting can help you with the same.

Here’s how you can build a natural backlinks profile for your website using guest posting.

Be Choosy About Whom You Pitch

It is noteworthy that a single high authority site is worth hundreds of low authority sites.

Or better said, a website that is relevant to you would bring in more benefits than those that are not.

For example, if you’re a link building services agency, a fashion blogging site won’t do you any good.

More so, regardless of how engaging your content is, the readers do not match your services. In other words, they don’t need your assistance.

Besides, the performance of the website would also matter.

It would be better to find a blog with DA higher than 50 and 10,000 or more social followers. It would ensure that you get featured on a blog that has significant relevant traffic.

Craft A Pitch That Does Not End Up In Trash

The key to getting your post featured on a high-authority website is research.

It would help if you spent time studying the website you wish to publish your guest post.

Try to understand the types of content that appear on your target website.

Another thing that you should do is pitch a person instead of the website.

In other words, it is better to personalise your pitch to someone who has admin or editor rights on the publishing site.

On top of that, you should also not ignore the guidelines that the publishing website has. In most cases, high-authority websites have strict guidelines for guest posting services. And they prefer not to make any compromises with their policies.

Create Content That Appeals To The Readers

Creating a pitch might be difficult but creating content is far more challenging.

You need to know what the publishing website serves in their content and align the content with your own audience.

Users, these days, don’t just read for fun. Perhaps, they need information, especially when they are reading something online.

When creating content, make sure that you fill it with what your audience is looking for.

It should help convert readers into your website traffic.

After all, the whole purpose of guest posting and link building is to improve your conversion rate.

The Takeaway

Guest posting isn’t just about building high-quality backlinks.

It would help if you had your brand to be noticed by the set of audiences that is valuable for your business. And for this reason, it is far better to be picky about what you post and where you post your content.


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