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Turn Your Website Into A Traffic Magnet – Telsa SEO Guide 2022


Hey, are you looking for quick ways to draw more visitors to your website?

We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day! The same applies to getting website traffic! It takes precision, planning, commitment, and a team of experts to create a website that will consistently rank at the top on Google. It is a coveted spot to achieve, but it cannot happen overnight. So, why not turn to a local SEO marketing agency that can deliver you exceptional and durable results?

Today, e-commerce has taken over the world of online shopping, with more than half the global population as its market. One of the most intriguing and advantageous facts of online marketing is “What” and “How” you present your products and services. Undoubtedly, digital marketing is love at first sight. To attract your ideal customers to your website, you must provide a user interface beyond their expectations and convert them into loyal customers, forging a healthy and trustworthy customer relationship.

Here is our approach to building a top-notch website. Make sure to take notes; you wouldn’t want to miss these tips!

The Do’s of Building Your E-business Card

E-business card!? Have we confused you? Not at all, as a website is essentially your e-business card that helps you market your business and pitch your services online. A website holds the true essence of your business in the online world, and that’s why it’s essential to have one.

Many digital marketing companies will confuse you with strategies, figures, and things not to do. But, here we are, stressing over a bunch of factors and some technical expertise that, when aligned together, will streamline your e-biz and gradually bring more visitor traffic to your e-store like a magnet. These are:

1. User Experience: Google’s algorithm favours elegant, attractive and uncluttered websites. You cannot just add content to a simple and dull website. It would help if you designed a layout for each page that resonates with your business and articulates your work. A website that is eye-catching, easy to navigate, and has fast loading speeds helps create the best user experience/interface (UX/UI).

2. On-Page SEO: Building a website and adding content is not enough if you want more traffic to reach your website organically when searching for a query. There are various aspects to consider for each page of your website, like;

  1. Quality Content: Content is a critical driving force of your website. Interesting and valuable information about your business, products and services, irresistible and catchy headlines and quality blogs and pages will help users understand your business. You must ensure that your website is regularly updated with fresh, innovative, and engaging content to appease your audience and the algorithm.
  2. Keywords: Content without relevant keywords is counterproductive and won’t deliver the results you’re looking for. Thus, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps you understand and research a consumer’s buying persona and what they search for! This way, you can add and target your audience with relevant keywords.
  3. Graphics and Image Optimisation: Pictures and graphics add life to your website. Always ensure that the images, videos, and graphics you add to your content are in JPEG form, aren’t blurry, and are visually appealing.

3. Technical SEO: Suppose you have the highest quality images and most engaging and creative content; all of this effort would go to waste if you fail in the technical area! Like on-page SEO, technical SEO is equally important. It helps the search engine navigate your web pages and inspect any broken links or other technical issues before ranking them for the users to search. The tools used in technical SEO are:

  1. Crawling: Each time you upload new or update existing content on your website, Googblebots (also known as spiders or crawlers) analyse and validate each link.
  2. Indexing: Once crawling is completed, your pages are ready to be served each time a search query matches your content. Indexing is a process, post crawling, wherein Google stores all your pages/links in its database, ready to be published online.
  3. Rendering: After crawling and indexing are completed, it will successfully rank your page and expect users to interact with it and for it to satisfy their search query. This process is known as rendering.
  4. Page Speed Insights: Page Speed Insights (PSI) is a tool provided by Google to help report any performance issue of a web page in terms of user interface or accessibility on both mobile and desktop. It also provides suggestions on how to improvise on the drawbacks.
  5. Schema Markup: Schema Markup, also known as microdata or structured data, is the one that appears below a web search link in the form of an enhanced description (rich snippet). These snippets help you stand out from competitors by making your website more visible on the SERP. 

4. eCommerce SEO: If you are running an e-commerce business, you must ensure that your product pages are engaging, descriptive, and informative to persuade your website visitors to “Add the product to the cart”. A product page must include the product’s name as the heading, a quality product image, product description, details, and CTA with a link/icon for the product purchase. Ensure to make your page responsive, eye-catchy and glitch-free to boost sales.

5. Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO could be a game-changer in generating traffic on your website with the help of high-authority websites. Link building, a vital part of off-page SEO, allows a web owner to add their web link to another site’s content and eventually invite visitors to their site.

6. Call to Action: A simple yet essential aspect of any top-ranked web page must be to conclude the page with a CTA, which many web owners forget to include. A Call-to-action is a reminder that encourages people to purchase or hire your services instantly. It increases not only the footfalls but also the sales and revenue. You can also attach a short online form to your website to gain access to customer information and generate leads.

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Telsa Media: The SEO Maestro’s You Need

*Whew* That was a lot of information load on you, wasn’t it? So are you now scratching your head on how to cope with that information? Well, you don’t have to! We got your back! At Telsa Media, we are renowned as the leading SEO company in the UK. We have been in this business for years, and we understand SEO practices and how to appeal to Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

If you want to take your business a notch higher, you must join hands with our expert SEO team at Telsa Media. Remember – as we said at the beginning, SEO is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous implementation of the above strategies and many others.


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