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How to create the ultimate gaming setup with LED gaming desks, blackout blinds and more


If your passion is gaming, then you’ll want to build a gamer setup that lets you stream and play in comfort for long periods of time whilst surrounded by your very best tech. From LED gaming desks and blackout curtains to ergonomic gaming chairs and atmospheric wall paint colours, read on to find out how you can easily create the ultimate gaming den.

1) Wall paint colours

Create an atmospheric gaming room by painting the walls in dark colours such as purples, reds and navy blues. The key is to evoke a theatrical mood that will work really well with the LED lighting you’re going to add later. You can also decorate the room with oversized gaming vinyl decals such as controller stickers, slogans and gaming characters.

2) LED gaming desks

LED gaming desks are one of those essential pieces of furniture that will elevate your room to the next level. Look for a spacious desk that will take all your gear and enhance your gaming experience to the max. If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll want a desk that supports a multi-screen network, keeps cables tidy and enables you to store your headsets, plushies and collectable models. Look out for deep and wide designs that allow you to sit further away from your monitors and opt for inbuilt LED light strips to add serious personality.

3) Blackout blinds

If your gaming room isn’t in the basement, you can still block out light from windows by installing blackout blinds. Easy to fix up and trim at home, blackout blinds can cancel out up to 99% of light and will minimise any screen glare. Using blackout blinds means you can then experiment with both your LED gaming desks lighting as well as any additional neon lighting you want to add to the room. Neon lighting works really well for both seeing video games and the friends you are playing with as well as adding that stylish ambience that makes a great gaming room complete. You should direct ambient lighting away from your screen or behind your monitor so that your entire focus is on the monitor.

4) Gaming chairs

A chair designed for gaming is another piece of essential equipment if you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk. An ergonomic gaming chair will have an adjustable seat, backrest and armrests that give you added comfort and support if you’re pulling an all-nighter. You’ll see loads of people in Twitch videos using ergonomic gaming chairs that allow you to sit back at 165-degree angles, will regulate your body temperature and even feature neck pillows to support your spine and head. Ergonomic chairs are great for gamers who like to sit still but if you’re a gamer who prefers to relax in style whilst playing stimulation games you might prefer a comfy sofa or even an oversized bean bag.

The ultimate gaming room setup should be high tech, look theatrical and always be comfortable. Creating a dedicated space for gaming adds to the enjoyment, keeps you away from any distractions and also doubles up as an excellent movie room when you fancy a change of pace.


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