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High Speed Fiber-Optic Internet Services Provider


Due to its reliability and high speed, fiber optic internet services provider is going to replace the traditional cable internet. It is not yet available in every corner of the US but you will find it being localized in all the major cities of the US. And due to its limited availability, it is also deemed to be pricey. Nonetheless, having a fiber optic internet connection is going to give everyone the browsing experience of a lifetime.

If you are looking to buy an internet connection, you should consider Xfinity. Xfinity internet prices are quite affordable, and their top-notch internet speed will make sure you have flexible and safe browsing throughout. They also have two premium fiber optic internet connections with a download speed of 1200 Mbps and 2000 Mbps respectively. You can also take services from the Internet Monster.

Fiber optic internet is challenging the way cable internet or DSL operates, which is why they do not have any competition in the market yet. If you are looking to own one, you should consider the pros and cons first.


  • Fiber optic internet connection has a really fast speed up to 2,000 Mbps, which is 20 times faster than DSL or cable internet. Fiber optic internet connection is also available in the speed range of 500-1,000 Mbps, which is equally as good. Fiber optic internet connections are less likely to slow down during peak hours, unlike cable internet and the speed remains consistent even with heavy usage.
  • Fiber optic internet connection has a lower latency rate, which is the measure of time it takes for an internet signal to send a message to the server and receive a response. A lower latency rate means a faster connection and less lagging. Hence, fiber optic’s lower latency rate makes it very useful for high-performance demands and heavy usage.
  • The upload speed of an internet connection is usually lower than the download speed in other internet connections, which makes your video calls or Zoom meetings lag. However, it is not in the case of a fiber optic internet connection.


  • Since fiber optic technology is all new in the market, it makes it difficult to find in most areas. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), only 40% of American households have access to a fiber optic internet connection where they reside. Installing a fiber optic internet connection requires infrastructure which is a costly investment and many internet providers have not made any effort about that yet.
  • Having a faster speed and excellent reliability naturally makes for a costly internet connection. That makes fiber optic internet connection not a very cheap option.
  • Less than 3% of Americans have access to more than one fiber provider in their area, which means that fiber optic technology doesn’t have much competition in the market yet. This is also why there is less leverage to advocate for lower prices or better customer services.

High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet Services Provider

The list below will give information about the internet service providers in the US that are offering high-speed internet connections to their consumers.

  • Xfinity Internet is available in 39 states and Washington in the US. Along with cable internet, they are also offering fiber optic internet to their subscribers. They have two fiber optic internet deals on their websites. One of them has a download speed of 1,200 Mbps and an upload speed of 35 Mbps (as compared to 15 to 20 Mbps upload speed in cable internet). The fastest speed offered by Xfinity has a download of 3,000 Mbps.
  • Google Fiber also has two deals for fiber optic internet connection. The download speed being offered by Google Fiber is 1,000 Mbps and 2,000 Mbps respectively with an upload speed 77x faster than the cable internet. Google Fiber is only available in 19 states in the US only.
  • AT&T has three internet deals in their subscription plan for fiber optic internet connection, with download speeds of up to 300mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000mbps and faster upload speed. Each of these plans allows around 12, 13, and 14 devices to be connected to the internet respectively. Their data allowances are unlimited and there is no data cap.
  • Spectrum has been adding fiber optic connectivity in its network but their residential consumers still have the traditional coaxial cables going into their homes. The download speed of their fiber optic internet connection starts at 100 Mbps, though slower upload speeds and increase after the first year, just like its rates. However, Spectrum makes up for all these discrepancies by not imposing a data cap on any of their internet connections.

With all this information about high-speed fiber optic internet connection plans and their providers, you must have an idea now about which one is the best one to suit your internet browsing needs.


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