The costs of Portable Appliance Testing can vary, but a smart rule of thumb to use when thinking about contacting a professional PAT Testing firm is that they will charge somewhere between £1 and £2 per appliance that will be tested. However, it can be assumed that if your organization has quite a few appliances to test, then the price per appliance will tend to be at the lower end of the spectrum due to a bulk amount.

Some firms will have pricing a bit lower than £1 per item, but will most likely also have a built in minimum amount of appliances that are required to be tested, or a minimum fee, such as 50 portable appliances. Many reputable PAT Testing organizations will also offer different services depending on what people need. For instance, landlords might be interested in a different testing program than a large multinational corporation, but each still have the PAT Testing needs to ensure that all their portable electronic appliances are safe.

Pricing does involve quite a bit of work beyond just PAT Testing. Many professional testing companies will include a few extra benefits beyond just testing each appliance. Such pricing many times will include things like plug rewiring, visual inspections throughout, and fuse replacements. Pail and Fail labels will also be included in the pricing.

Additionally, many PAT Testing firms will also provide a company with a PAT Testing Certificate to show that the company is in compliance and a safe environment to work. And many supervisors might be pleased to learn that their PAT Testing engineer will be able to also provide them with a set of computerized data sets on their portable appliances. This includes all test results as well as a list of all portable appliances broken down by special serial numbers, which allows for more effective and efficient tracking in the future.