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PAT Testing Prices

Most companies try to conform to PAT testing regulations and have their portable appliances tested regularly. If you are new to this testing, you may wonder about PAT testing prices. Generally, the price that you will be required to pay will depend on how many appliances you have that need to be tested. Most PAT testing companies will charge you by the appliance while others may charge by the hour.

PAT testing costs are well worth it considering the ramifications if you do not comply with regulations. In order to learn exactly how much your PAT testing costs, you will need to provide a PAT testing company with the number of portable appliances that you will need to have tested.

Many companies charge around £1.00 to £2.00 for each appliance that is tested. Of course, the more portable appliances you have the higher your overall PAT testing prices will be. If you only have 10 small appliances that need to be tested you can expect to pay a standard PAT testing callout cost. There are a number of companies that will charge a fixed PAT testing cost for up to 100 appliances.

In order to determine how much PAT testing costs, you will also have to have an idea of which appliances should be tested. Portable appliances are defined as any appliance that has a plug attached to it and plugs into a wall outlet. Any computers, monitors, printers, kettles, leads, cables and other similar items should be tested.

When you contact a company about PAT testing prices you should have a good idea of how many appliances you have that need to be tested. If you want an accurate quote, be certain that you provide an accurate estimate of appliances. If you give a total of appliances that is more than what you have, you could be overcharged for these services. If you give a total that is under what you have, the company may leave without properly testing all of your equipment.

Your actual PAT testing cost will depend on the company that you use more than anything. Different companies may offer different prices and various incentives to get your business. Take the time to do a bit of research into companies that offer this service and choose the one that offers a price you can live with as well as other benefits.