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PAT Testing for IT Equipment

PAT testing is a process is ensuring that portable appliances are safe for you to use. Office equipment such as computers, monitors, printers and other devices should be tested regularly to ensure that they are not dangerous to use due to damage or age. PAT testing for IT equipment is essential in ensuring that you reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury due to electric hazards.

There are a number of companies that will provide services related to PAT testing IT equipment. In order to adhere to regulations, you should have all IT equipment and other devices that are deemed portable appliances tested regularly. PAT testing computers can be done by anyone who is recognized as being competent to perform these actions. A competent person is someone who has been properly trained to carry out PAT testing for IT equipment and other portable devices.

PAT testing IT equipment should be done at least every 12 months. The easiest time to perform testing is when offices or shops are closed as there are fewer people present and shutting down equipment will not cause an issue with business operations.

PAT testing computers and other IT equipment begins with a visual inspection where a competent person will look over the equipment to check for risk issues. Portable appliances should be tested at least once each 12 months although this depends on the amount of use. Fixed appliances such as larger photocopiers and other equipment can often be tested less frequently.

It is the business owners’ choice to have computers and other equipment tested, although legislation strongly encourages this action. All employers, landlords and anyone who is self-employed should attempt to have PAT testing done for IT equipment and other portable appliances on a regular basis as part of their routine maintenance.

Adhering to regulations is only one reason to have IT equipment tested for electrical safety. In the UK alone, many people are injured and/or killed each year due to handling electrical equipment that is not safe. Ensuring the safety of your business, employees, customers and yourself is the best reason to ensure that all of your IT equipment is deemed safe for use by proper PAT testing.

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