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PAT Testing Certificates

PAT testing certificates are provided to business owners after portable appliances have been successfully tested. The certificates show that the company is in compliance with regulations by having their portable equipment regularly inspected for damage and/or risks. The certificate serves as proof that the person responsible for maintaining equipment has taken steps necessary to ensure safety.

Those working as PAT testers can use PAT testing certificate templates in order to provide customers with the certificates needed to show proof that they are in compliance. Certificates are normally very thorough and will include details about the test showing which portable appliances have been tested and which if any have passed or failed.

PAT testing forms are provided only by approved contractors who are registered with the NICEIC/ECA. Persons performing testing who are permitted to offer PAT testing certificates have to be deemed competent to perform these tests.

PAT testing certificate templates will typically show contractors what they should include with each report. These reports typically contain specific details such as the physical address where the PAT testing occurred, the name and company address of the PAT tester, the expiry date which is typically within six to twelve months from the testing period and the authorised signature of the PAT tester.

PAT testing certificates will not show specific details of each individual appliance that has been tested. The detailed report will show this information. The certificate is an official form that provides proof of property being tested so that business owners can show their compliance with regulations. A label will be attached to appliances showing which have failed and which have passed PAT testing successfully.

PAT testing forms are important for those planning to perform these tests. PAT testing certificate templates can help the tester to ensure that all information is filled in properly. Detailed reports should be provided showing which appliances have failed testing and what specific action is to be taken for that property to successfully pass PAT testing. There are a number of consequences to not properly having equipment PAT tested including the risk of insurance premium increase and a strong risk of the property owner being held in suit should an accident or injury occur on the premises.