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PAT Testing Equipment

PAT testing equipment is used to test portable appliances and ensure that they meet with regulations. There are a number of PAT testing machines that can be used and these run from the most basic to professional models.

If you are planning to purchase a PAT testing machine, you will need to understand the equipment better and determine which specific piece of apparatus is right for your needs.

  •  A basic PAT testing machine will allow you to typically perform around 300 tests and offers no ability for downloads.
  • Mid-Range Pat Testers are also available that give you a number of features and can be used for basic or professional functions.
  • Professional PAT testing equipment gives you downloadable capabilities and memory to save testing information. These are typically used by professional PAT companies and organisations.

If you are just beginning as a PAT tester you can purchase a testing kit that will give you equipment needed to properly perform examination. Kits contain a range of tools and accessories and help you to get everything that you need in one bundle as opposed to purchasing each piece individually. If electrical equipment is an important part of your business; especially when using it in public or in front of an audience; then an in house PAT testing machine my be a worth while investment. Many professional businesses such as Lighting Director regularly perform PAT test on the equipment that’s the back bone of their business. The exact type of PAT testing kit needed will depend on your individual testing function.

You can find analysing equipment for sale from a number of manufacturers and online. Simply do a quick search for PAT testing machines or kits and you will see the number of choices that are available to buy. Kits typically contain items like tester, manuals, testing labels, IEE Code of Practice and a number of extension cables. These supplies can range in cost from around £300 for a basic model to more than £2,000 for professional PAT testing equipment.

Before you purchase PAT testing machines or gear you will need to first determine exactly what you require. If you are only planning to test a small handful of appliances then you can get away with a less expensive tester. If however you are going to be providing professional services and be checking more than 300 appliances, you should look for specialist testing equipment.