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Maximising Natural Light: How to Select the Perfect Roof Windows for your Home


Harnessing the full potential of natural light can turn your attic into a spacious, relaxing place ideal for leisure activities. But how to choose pitched roof windows to fully meet all your expectations and best illuminate the interior?

Nothing creates the mood in a home as well as the natural rays of the sun. Their influence can completely transform a space. Sunlight entering a space enlivens and brightens it and makes it warm and cosy. So what should you pay special attention to when choosing the best one for your home?

How to Choose the Ideal Roof Window?

The most common spaces in the attic are the bedroom and the bathroom. However, it’s worth being aware that its possibilities don’t end there, especially if you think about the design potential. Taking into account current trends, where large loft spaces reign supreme, architects are very keen to design even living rooms and kitchens under the loft! When furnishing such interiors, the right choice of materials and finishes must be taken into account. This is where skylights come into the picture, and should be adapted to suit the type of room you want to furnish.

In the case of bathrooms, it is worthwhile to ensure that the windows are corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain. In this case, it is advisable to use aluminium joinery, which is durable and easy to maintain. The kitchen has its own microclimate, especially when cooking, so the material must be moisture-resistant. The windows also need to be easy to care for.

It is slightly different with regard to the bedroom, where models made of natural wood will do very well, giving warmth and elegance to the interior. Privacy and protection from the sun (especially in the morning) are also important in the bedroom. Therefore, in a bid to create the ideal resting environment, it is advisable to consider blackout roller blinds at the time of purchase. Currently, blackout blinds are available in many colours, designs and with the addition of automation, making it possible, for example, to control them via an app on your phone.

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What Should I Consider When Choosing Roof Windows?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, the appropriate use of natural sunlight can significantly improve the atmosphere in your home, making it more pleasant and cosier. One of the key factors when choosing pitched roof windows is optimal daylighting. Here are some important aspects to consider as well:

  • Window size – choosing the right size of roof windows is important. Larger windows or combinations of smaller ones may provide more natural light, but it is then important to match the size of the window with the dimensions of the room.
  • Window location – the positioning has a significant effect on the amount and quality of sunlight entering. Placing them on the south side will most often provide maximum light while placing windows on the north side will provide consistent, even light.
  • Light control – fitted with blinds or shutters allows the intensity of light to be regulated, enabling better control over the amount of rays entering the room. In addition, this type of solution can improve energy efficiency by helping to maintain the right temperature in the room.
  • Reflective surfaces – light colours on walls, ceilings and floors reflect sunlight, which contributes to a better spread of natural light in the room.
  • Window maintenance – regular maintenance is essential to keep them in good condition and ensure optimal light transmission. Regular cleaning with water and liquid helps to avoid dirt and leaks, which translates into better energy efficiency and window durability.


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