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How Long will a Vehicle Wrap Last?


A car wrap refers to the automotive aftermarket exercise of covering part or whole of your vehicle’s original paint with a different vinyl wrap colour. You can also wrap with the same colour but with a differing finish such as matte, clear protective layer, or gloss. A car wrap is mostly done by companies looking to market their business.

A vehicle wrap is a huge investment for your business, so make sure it is done right and reach out to an experienced vehicle wrap business. A great example is Cardiff-based Print Sauce.

A car wrap that incorporates the company’s name, logo and contact information brands the business every day, so the company avoids the monthly advertising cost. Apart from acting as your advertisement, a vinyl wrap protects your car’s original paint from any wear and damages for the entire period it lasts.

Generally, a vehicle wrap may go up to seven years. However, there are a few factors that affect this duration. The type of vinyl you use is a key determinant of how long your car wrap will last. If you are considering a vinyl wrap vehicle design to market your business, keep in mind that high-quality wraps will serve you longer than thin films. This, in turn, serves as a return for your investment.

Tips to make your car wrap last longer

Getting a vinyl car wrap is an investment for your business, so you don’t want it lasting only a few months. You expect the investment to yield a return and it only does this by lasting long enough and advertising your business every day. Here are a few tips that will ensure your vinyl wrap lasts longer.

  • Don’t make the mistake of installing the car wrap yourself unless you are a professional. Avoid the DIY route as vehicles are different, so what works for one car may not work for another. Besides, DIY installations are prone to creases, wrinkles and bubbles in the final vehicle wrap.
  • Clean your car regularly to ensure the grime and dirt do not interfere with your vinyl wrap graphic design. Dirt and grime eat up the vinyl wrap, so washing the car often keeps your vehicle safe.
  • Restrict the amount of exposure the vehicle wrap gets from the sun. Exposing your car wrap to the sun regularly reduces the number of years the vehicle wrap lasts. Always park in the shade or a garage whenever possible.

Go for professional car wrap installation

Once you decide to invest in a vehicle wrap, maximise professional car wrap design services, so you get value for your money. Cars are made differently, so the type of vinyl and the finish that gives a unique touch and good results may vary between cars.

Make a consultation appointment with the best professional car wrap installation companies and ask all the relevant questions. Such professional companies have an experienced team of designers and staff who know all about vehicle wraps, so they will answer the questions to your satisfaction. Besides, they will advise on eye-catching designs for your business that will show your brand name and contacts, thereby attracting customers.

Once you are satisfied and have approved the installation, the professional company installs the vehicle wrap according to your brand and business specifications. You get professional installation and unique designs for your business.

Car Wrapping FAQs

How much on average does a vehicle wrap cost?

Car wrap costs vary according to installation companies, your specifications, the size of your vehicle and the part of the vehicle being wrapped. Besides, the film you choose and how complex the installation process is are other determinants of the amount you pay.

How long do vehicle wraps last?

How long your wrap depends on the finish and how you maintain the wrap. Your car wrap should last approximately five to seven years after installation.

What are the benefits of vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping protects stone projection, scratches and paint fading. The wrapping cost is also cheaper than re-painting your vehicle. It also keeps your original paint intact thus maintaining good resale value.

Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

If the wrap was a high-quality vinyl wrap, then removing it will be easy. However, it requires a little patience to remove the whole wrap.

Do I have to pay someone to remove the wrap?

Professionals will remove the wrap perfectly without damaging the original car paint. This service comes at a cost.

Will vehicle wrapping damage my paintwork?

No, vehicle wrapping protects your car’s original paintwork.

Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

Yes, a vehicle wrap can be done on part of your vehicle depending on your specification.

Do I need to inform anyone about my vehicle wrap?

Although you are just adding a vinyl color, you should inform the DVLA and your car insurance company immediately.

If I see a colour I like on the website will it be the same as seeing it in person?

Though the camera may slightly influence colours, the colour you see on the website is not so different in person.


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