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Most Common Property Drainage Problems


It is impossible to control how much it will rain but you can impact the effects of rainwater on the property. If you do not have proper property drainage, water will collect in the yard. This leads to structural issues, damage appearing to flowers and plants. More bugs and a swampy mess.

According to a drainage plumber Melbourne specialist, some signs that you have drainage problems include:

  • Basement water
  • Mosquitoes are breeding inside puddling water
  • Dead trees or grass

The most common of all property drainage problems are:

Downspouts And Gutters That Were Improperly Installed

These are all a huge part of the exterior of a home. However, when improperly maintained or installed, problems appear. As the gutter overflows or your leader pipes direct water towards the home, runoff pools around the home’s foundation. This leads to structural and landscape problems.

You need to be sure that all your downspouts point away from the house. In addition, the water needs to go far away from your property. The spouts should be connected to drainage systems whenever necessary so that water can be further carried.

Always clean gutters and make sure you do it in an appropriate way. If you do not know how to do this, it is a good idea to hire a professional.

Improper Grading

Lots are normally graded so that they drain properly. Water needs to go towards safe areas, like down a curb or inside a catch basin. The problem is that most builders, landscapers, and homeowners get these grades incorrect. As a result, water will be trapped or even end up flowing towards your property, usually reaching the basement.

In order to solve this problem, you need to establish a brand new plan for your drainage system. This is a plan that will involve drains that can collect water, to then pipe it away.

Run-Offs Coming From The Neighbors

The erosion that comes from a higher elevation is a huge problem. It appears when your property is located downhill from different other properties. It is not the fault of the neighbor when this is the problem. However, you cannot really ask them to prevent anything. All that you can really do is to watch how water enters your yard as it rains. Water can be diverted with the use of a swale or a berm. Alternatively, you could re-route water so that it moves towards a dry well or a catch basin. If you cannot do any of these things, just hire a landscaper that can properly grade broader surfaces.

Landscaping Problems

Sometimes, the reason why you have a drainage problem is the work that you did. Some of the problems that could appear include:

  • Soil that does not have vegetation
  • Yard sloping towards the home
  • Paved surfaces directing water towards the property

Few people think about such things as home amendments are made. The trick is to divert all water towards another location. This is possible with the use of rocks, gravel or French drains. Oftentimes, people end up using way too much mulch or topsoil in planting beds. Alternatively, the grading was incorrect.

Roots Reach Drainage Pipes

Whenever you notice that drains back up, it is possible that roots invaded your pipes. They can easily squeeze in at the level of the joints and then quickly grow. This breaks fittings and draws in moisture from the pipes. In only a very short time, the pipe ends up blocked. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this problem is to replace the pipes. This is something that should only be done by a professional landscaper or plumber with experience. Do not attempt this yourself.


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