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Best Air to Water Heat Pump Brands to Choose from in 2022


Air source heat pumps are becoming increasingly prevalent. Selecting the perfect heat pumps in your home isn’t as simple as it used to be, with much more residential heating firms joining the renewable energy industry. However, this is beneficial to customers. More options mean lower costs and a greater chance of finding a unit that meets your requirements.

This article discusses the most common and effective heat pumps.


SPRSUN was established in 1999 as one of the competent air to water heat pumps producer. SPRSUN, among China’s top heat pump manufacturers, produces a variety of heat pumps, such as DC Inverter, Air Source Hot Water, and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. They’re made to EN14511 specifications and come with CCC, CB, CE, SAA, ERP, ROHS, and TUVĀ  certifications.

They also collaborate with renowned firms like Panasonic, Copeland, CAREL, Sanyo, Grundfos, and Mitsubishi to ensure improved product quality. Excellent products depending on cutting-edge technology and expert service have won SPRSUN a name among the world’s top heat pump providers.


You can use these to produce energy for heating and hot water for a home’s occupants. Varying LG pumps on the market can produce various output sizes: 9, 12, 14, and 16 kW.

The LG pump series, commonly known as Therma V Split, typically saves its customers a great deal of energy. You can connect to alternate power sources, for instance, a solar panel, to save electricity. Furthermore, these pumps may not always operate at full capacity. Instead, they expend the energy required to do routine tasks.

This series of pumps includes an adjustable compressor that you can automatically adjust and maintain its temp.


Although Viessmann is a newcomer to the UK industry, they have long controlled the European heating and cooling business.

Clients and installers love the German brand, and their goods profit from German engineering and better exterior designs. It offers a complete spectrum of heat pumps, comprising air-source, air-to-water,ground-source, and hybrid heat pumps, so competitors have a long way to go.

Because the Vitocal 100-A heat pump is built primarily for modernizing properties, the initial setup time and expenses may be significant, but you will profit from a heat pump that can work all year. The Vitocal is a space-saving outdoor type that is excellent for new construction.

Also, it has an energy-efficient building of efficiency class: A+++, which is the highest possible score given by the rating system.

Viessmann offers a hybrid air-source heat pump that works with current heating systems, perfect for older homes. Their latest hybrid model is the Vitocal 200-A.


Samsung heat pumps are part of the EHS family of products (Ecological and Economical Heating System). The line of products has acquired numerous certifications for decreasing carbon emissions and providing environmental preservation for years. The pumps are exceptionally sturdy and can work in extremely frigid temperatures. Furthermore, the EHS range of pumps has a remote control to make pump control even easier.

These devices are small and require little electricity to operate. It means they’re not heavy and can fit into even the tiniest locations. The majority of the pumps are also pre-assembled, making installation a breeze.


These devices are made by Ecodan, a manufacturer of heat pumps. The product range includes MCS-certified heat pumps that are simple to install. They also don’t necessitate a lot of care.

You can use the pumps to heat the building or provide hot water to a property’s residents. You can adjust preferred settings and save them on a card to prevent daily input of temp settings.

Also, you can manage the pumps via Wi-Fi networks, providing optimum convenience to consumers. You can also link them with existing heat pumps in the home, allowing the user to save the most energy and money possible.

Mitsubishi pumps are extremely silent, which helps to reduce noise pollution. The pumps are also equipped with technical help if they are not working properly.

The cost of acquiring Ecodan pumps differs based on the pump size and the amount of energy it can produce.


The air to water heat pumps mentioned above are intended for use in homes. When making a purchase, make sure you choose a brand that can meet your heating and cooling requirements.

Presently, the most suggested way to operate your everyday life is to utilize renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources, like heat pumps, are praised worldwide since they create clean energy and preserve the environment and ecosystem.


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