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Where Can I Find a High Quality Verona Pump Repair Service?


Have you always wondered how you could get water from a well? It’s clear that a pump system is responsible for the entire process, but how does it work exactly? And where would you be able to get a reliable Verona pump repair if things go south with your pump?

Well pumps perform a simple but vital function: they push water from a well into a storage tank, where the water stays until it is needed. From here, the well pumps utilize a pressure tank system to send water from the storage tank or reservoir and into your homes.

As water fills the tank or wherever it’s stored, the air pressure increases until it reaches a certain level. Once it reaches that point, the pressure will push water through your home’s plumbing system.

When the air pressure lowers to a certain point, the pump will detect the drop and turn back on. This repeats the process and ensures that you always have the water you need.

Exploring the Different Types of Well Pumps

There are two kinds of well pumps: jet types and submersible types. Jet pumps are located above ground. They use a motor and suction pipe to pull the water up. Meanwhile, submersible pumps are installed below the ground. They operate by pressurizing water, pushing it to the surface and into a storage tank that is above the ground.

In places where jet or submersible well pumps may not work, centrifugal and hand pumps are also available for installment. These types of pumps are best for properties that have shallow wells or are off the grid. They are installed above the ground and draw the water out through a single pipe.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the transport systems responsible for making clean and safe water accessible for you and your loved ones, here’s a closer look at each type.


Jet pumps come in two different categories: the ones that can handle deep wells, and those for shallow wells. The difference between the two is that the former is more powerful. This is because they need to function in wells that are over a hundred feet. Conversely, shallow well jet pumps are for wells that are 25 feet or less.

If you live in a sandy area, we do not recommend installing jet pumps in your home. This type is incredibly sensitive to sand.

Both shallow and deep well jet pumps can be installed offset from the wall site. It is useful for when repairs are necessary. Aside from supplying your home with water, jet pumps can also be used to irrigate farms and water gardens.


Submersible pumps are the most popular choices among homeowners. They are long metal cylinders that are completely submerged in a well. The advantage to submersible pumps is that they can operate at different depths. This means that if you live somewhere with a dry climate, a well with a submersible pump can be installed over a hundred feet into the ground so that you can have a supply of water.

Since the pump is always underwater, submersible pump engines always stay cool and last longer than other types. This is because the engine is at lower risk of burning out. You can expect your pump to last for up to 25 years if you choose a submersible. Other types are only expected to last five or six years, on average.

The drawback to this kind of pump is that it is the most expensive type available. However, consider its impressive lifespan and durability. If you have the budget, it is definitely worth the splurge.


Centrifugal pumps use a motor’s kinetic energy to transport water from one end to the other. They are a lot smaller than the other types, which is an advantage because they are easy to access and maintain. However, they also cost a lot more.

One disadvantage to centrifugal pumps is that their power is limited by their small size. They can only work in shallow wells that are no deeper than 25 feet.

Hand Pumps

If you live in an off the grid property, hand pumps are the most feasible for your well. You can use a lever to draw water from the well and move it to a storage tank. They are not as common and are the least expensive of all the types.

Keep in mind that hand pumps can be physically demanding.

Sauk Plains has been in the pump and plumbing business since 1934. Beyond repair services, we also provide installation, maintenance, and servicing to properties in the Verona area. Clean water is often taken for granted, but it’s time for you to break that cycle. Make sure the pump systems delivering water to your home are always in top shape by investing in our services.


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