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Renovating your house with microcement


Microcement is a booming material in the construction and decoration sector. Despite the advances that have been made in construction materials over the last few years, microcement is not yet fully extended, but certainly it will be soon, we just have to give it some time. Due to all the advantages it provides, it is increasingly gaining users, including architects, decorators, builders and, of course, the aimed customers.

But what is microcement?

Microcement is a revolutionary input for current construction; It is a coating composed of a high-performance cement base, mixed with polymers, fibers, aerators, ultra-fine aggregates, and accelerators. All this combined with colored pigments.

One of the main qualities of microcement is its extraordinary adherence to practically all kinds of surfaces. It is ideal to cover surfaces, among others, of concrete, cement, tiles, plaster, plasterboard, metal, plastic, stoneware, marble, and others.

Application of this innovative mixture in construction and decoration

The application of microcement ranges from its use in the construction of floors to walls, living areas, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, built-in shower plates, among many other applications where imagination is the only limit.

This material is used by decorators due to its great versatility, texture, finish, and ability to combine with a wide variety of materials, allowing for highly creative results, as well as adjusting to the needs of each project.

It is worth mentioning that microcement has the advantage of being resistant to high temperatures as well to water. It is useful both for new construction and for renovating floors, walls or home coverings. The cost and time savings that microcement provides is very important, since it is not necessary to eliminate the existing material, which in fact may serve as a base.

Once the mixing and kneading is done, it is distributed on the surface, covering it until obtaining a screed of between 2 and 3 mm. For this same reason, it is a fast, clean, practical solution with truly surprising results.

Main characteristics of microcement

Now, we will talk about some of the main characteristics of this innovative type of coating.

• The thickness of 2 to 3mm that this material has, allows its application in spaces without needing to remove the existing surface.

• Its great versatility allows its application both in private homes, as in commercial premises, offices, industrial buildings, as well as in outdoor areas.

• When it comes to pigments. Microcement has a lot of variety in its colors, which gives freedom of creativity, allowing you to combine hundreds of colors

• It has a totally waterproof finish, which makes its installation optimal for wet areas.

• Allows you to combine materials and insert any type of graphics and decorative motifs.

• It is slip resistant.

• It is an optimal material, aesthetically as well as technically, it works in any environment, either outdoors or indoors.

• Microcement is highly resistant and long lasting.

• It creates rustic, artistic and highly original and eye-catching finishes.

• In the market there is a wide variety of shades to choose from. However, in addition to the basic colors, they can also be found “made to measure”.


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