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Ways to stay productive when you work from home


With the lockdown caused by a coronavirus, many people had to try working or studying remotely for the first time. The requirements are the same, but the environment is not, and it makes the transition not easy. Being at home with your family is fun, but at the same time, the home environment makes you feel more relaxed and lazy. More and more students think, «I have no time for this boring task, so I need someone to do my homework» or just miss deadlines. It happens due to the lack of focus, reduced productivity, and constant distractions on the daily home routine. If you are a student who studies remotely, a freelancer, or just a person who wants to learn how to be more productive at home, check our quick guide on top useful hacks of efficient remote work.

Top recommendations on remote productivity

If you are sitting on the couch thinking, «I need help my statistics homework,» then it`s time to put yourself together and learn how to stay productive even at home. Many people opt for this working style due to more sleep, time with family, and flexible schedule. The only thing to worry about is focus: if you can`t resist all the distractions like watching another Netflix show or checking your social networks all the time, then you should either stay in the office or do the following:

  1. Be prepared

Make sure that your Internet works fine, and you will have no problem making urgent calls, etc. Build your workplace: it can be a desk in your room, kitchen, or garden. You should feel comfortable and work only in this place, not watching their movies or doing any other relaxing stuff. If you live with someone, notify them when you are going to work and ask them not to disturb you at this time;

  • Switch off distractions

There are many useful apps that can help you stay focused and productive due to a tiny but important feature. With the app you can block your social networks and other apps or websites for a set period of time so you will have no choice but work;

  • Know when to stop

Sometimes it may be hard to focus and start working while sometimes you can also forget to stop. When you are working not from 9 to 5, you may stay up late and get up late, thus ruining your daily schedule. Choose the working hours and stick to it;

  • Reward yourself

If the scope of work seems too big, you can divide it into smaller, more digestible parts and after completing each one reward yourself with a treat like 20 minutes of rest (breaks are necessary), one series of a TV show, etc.;

  • Find a friend

When you are working with someone, it may be much easier. You can cooperate on the same tasks or just support each other, thus cheering up and completing the goals. Social interactions with other students or coworkers help you stay focused and assembled;

  • Have a plan

Before you start working, create yourself a list of tasks you are planning to finish this day. You can use bullet journaling for a quicker way to plan. Start with hard and more unpleasant ones and move toward easier assignments. Make sure your schedule includes breaks every few hours.

Remember that everyone works differently: if you can concentrate when listening to music, your colleague may be hard to focus on. Choose the most convenient way for you and stick to it.


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