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How Important is Quantity Surveyor for Construction Projects?


The Quantity Surveyor is a valuable resource for any type of construction project. It is for a surveyor a project can be delivered timely and that too keeping it within the budgetary limits. In this competitive construction market, the success of a project depends much on the proper use of resources and minimum waste of expenses. To achieve these goals, the project owners are hiring experienced quantity surveyors and relying on them to enhance the operational efficiency of the project. 

The Quantity Surveyors use their mediation and negotiation skills so that the project owners get the best possible value and the expenses can be kept in check. Even if there is an unprecedented incident that can cause delays in the project, surveyors try to keep it on track.

What are the duties of a quantity surveyor in a construction project?

There are several responsibilities a construction quantity surveyor takes during the lifetime of a project. His role includes- project coordination, negotiation, cost estimation, and managing expenses. Since the surveyors work on different types of projects, they have the expertise and knowledge to complete a particular project within the stipulated budget without compromising the quality and the quantity of materials used.

During the duration of the project, the surveyor has to prepare many important reports like valuation reports, expense reports, feasibility reports, and other important documents that are required for the project.

Estimating the cost of the project

The role of quantity surveyors begins with the inception of the project plan. During this time or phase of the project, the surveyors estimate the possible cost of the project. They work with the project owner and help them to prepare a budget taking into consideration the quantity and the price of the material that may be required for the project.

Co-ordinating the project

The surveyors work together with the clients, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and sub-contractors and identify their specialties and how they can contribute to the project. They also talk with different suppliers to come up with a final price for the different elements required for the project.

Their job does not end over here. They also talk with the engineers, workers, and contractors to derive the expenses and efficiencies in other areas like construction methods, labor costs, and the costs of construction.

Managing finances

The most crucial job of the quantity surveyors is to manage the finances of the project. It is always the aim of the quantity surveyors to keep the costs of the project within the stipulated budget. The budget is calculated before the beginning of the project based on its requirements and proposed layout design.

To achieve their goals, the surveyors work with different parties to procure the best quality products with minimal costs. They prepare the essential reports to update the work and their reports frequently help to keep track of the project expenditures. By comparing the expenses with the actual budget, they can understand the financial progress made on the project.

Surveying duty

Though the project plan is designed at the outset, there are always changes and surprises in the construction projects. Such unaccounted incidents delay the projects and increase the overall costs. The delay can be because of weather conditions, material shortages, labour shortages, legal disputes, and many more. In such situations, surveyors can help by resolving these issues fairly and reasonably. Despite those unexpected situations, they see to it that the project is completed successfully and that it is within the budget. To avoid disputes between two parties, they often have to play the role of a mediator and use their experience to negotiate and arrive at a solution.

Daily duties of quantity surveyor

The quantity surveyors have to regularly visit the construction site. Visiting the site, they get to know about the actual progress of the project, interact with the construction team face-to-face, and analyse the tasks that are required to be done. Interacting with the team enables them to find out if there is any issue that needs amendment. Addressing the problem at the outset stops them from getting bigger. An experienced surveyor can track the performance of the entire team and gauge work progression in comparison to the actual plan on these visits.  

To conclude, the role of a quantity surveyor becomes crucial in the construction of new buildings, renovations, or even maintenance works. The surveyors are a point of contact between different teams working on a project. Their role in executing and looking over the proceedings stands crucial at every stage. Starting from the early design to the competition of the projects, the surveyors can prove helpful in every aspect of the project work right from the beginning.


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