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GEDA Removal Hoist: A Professional Solution for Efficient Transportation


Every removal project presents the challenge of transporting numerous boxes, furniture pieces, and bulky items to upper floors. The GEDA Removal Hoist emerges as a practical alternative, revolutionizing the process of moving belongings with ease and efficiency. This article explores the features, assembly process, and flexibility of the GEDA Removal Hoist, demonstrating its effectiveness as a Furniture Hoist and a versatile tool for transporting various items during removals.

Assembly and Mobility

One of the standout features of the GEDA Removal Hoist is its quick and easy assembly process. Constructed with handy aluminum, the hoist can be conveniently dismantled for transportation and swiftly reassembled at the site without the need for additional tools. Its compact design allows it to navigate through narrow spaces, making it ideal for use in small backyards or on narrow pavements.

The base unit, assembled on the ground floor, utilizes aluminum ladder sections connected via a patented quick lock to form transport rails for the platform. The platform, designed specifically for the Removal Hoist, boasts pluggable side walls, offering both vertical and horizontal flexibility. This design ensures the adaptable transportation of a wide range of furniture, boxes, and possessions.

Rotating Platform Advantage

The GEDA Removal Hoist provides the option of a rigid or movable rotating platform, with the latter proving especially advantageous when used as a Furniture Hoist. Upon reaching the desired height, the rotating platform positions itself for seamless movement through windows into the intended room. Attaching the hoist to the building is simplified through a mounting arm with a hand winch, while a retaining pipe inside the window ensures the hoist stays securely in position.

GEDA Furniture Hoist Variants

The GEDA Furniture Hoist offers triple flexibility with three distinct variants: “GEDA Removal Hoist 200 Standard,” “GEDA Removal Hoist 250 Comfort,” and “GEDA Removal Hoist 250 Perfect.” Depending on the chosen variant, the hoist can transport loads of up to 250 kg to a maximum height of 18.3 meters.

For the transportation of particularly sensitive furniture or fragile items, the “GEDA Removal Hoist 250 Perfect” is recommended. This variant features a special soft start function, ensuring a gentle and careful transportation process.

Storage and Convenience

When not in use, the GEDA Removal Hoist doesn’t occupy unnecessary space. A practical box is available for storing hoist components safely and efficiently until the next removal project. This feature enhances the hoist’s practicality and ensures that it remains a valuable tool for future use.

The GEDA Removal Hoist stands as a testament to innovation in the removal industry. Its ease of assembly, versatile design, and multiple variants make it a reliable and efficient solution for transporting belongings during removals. Whether used as a Furniture Hoist or for general removal purposes, the GEDA Removal Hoist simplifies the once daunting task of moving items to upper floors, offering a streamlined and practical approach to the challenges of removal projects.


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