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10 Easy Upgrades to Improve Your Home


In responding to COVID-19, most of us are continuing to do business remotely and spend most of our time at home. It is our new normal, and we are embracing it. However, to accept that life has changed drastically is much better in a cozy environment, and you can create it without much fuss. After all, even the slightest improvements can greatly lighten your home’s atmosphere. Here you have 10 interesting home-project ideas for inspiration.

10 easy upgrades to improve your home

1. Clean and declutter

It is no secret that deep cleaning and decluttering your home can radically change the overall look of your place. When cleaning out drawers and other storage areas of your home, try to make better use of them, as getting more organized means having less clutter to stress over. Always make sure you do not keep anything you do not really want or need.

2. Refresh your rooms with paint

Paint can do magic. Whether you are upgrading the paint outside or inside your home, it will probably rearrange your reality. Adding some color to the wall can make even dated interiors or exteriors look fresh and new. Go around your home and provide quick paint touch-ups: paint an accent wall in your bedroom, color kitchen cabinets, make a statement with a painted ceiling, etc.

3. Hack your furniture

If you are fed up with your outdated furniture sets but cannot afford the replacement, try to upgrade your existing pieces. There is an impressive variety of options for giving old furniture a second chance (e.g., reupholstering, painting, adding shapes and designs with the help of adhesive contact paper, etc.). If, nevertheless, you opt for the furniture replacement, be sure to find reliable furniture moving services, as they can greatly facilitate this task for you. Experienced movers will protect your possessions and minimize the chance of damage and returns.

4. Enhance your entryway

If your doormat has become worn out and dirty, do not be afraid of throwing it away. Even if you buy a cheap but new doormat, it is still a notable improvement. The same is true for your front door. If your current door lacks appeal, you should replace it without hesitations. Install a beautiful front door, and it will catch the eye of everyone who goes by. There is a huge number of styles, models, and colors available, and it can be easily installed over a weekend. You can also consider giving your current door a fresh paint job if buying a new one is not an option. Or you may want to decide on a vintage layout therefore, victorian style doors may be better suited.

5. Get a curved shower curtain

The problem of confining showering in a standard-size bathtub/shower combination can be solved by simply getting a curved shower curtain. Everyone with a screwdriver can easily install it. A good idea is to look for a double-rod option.

6. Improve your home efficiency

There is a myriad of ways to make your home more efficient, from camera-enabled doorbells to self-programmable thermostats. Do not be afraid of taking advantage of technology, as smart home features have brought a lot to home improvement. What is more, such investments in home tech do not involve tens of thousands of dollars in upgrades, but they definitely can highlight your home’s overall energy, convenience, functionality, comfort, and efficiency.

7. Get a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are continually growing in popularity. They are useful in both summer and winter. In winter, ceiling fans circulate warm air. In summer, they produce cooling air. Moreover, fans help homeowners achieve dramatic, year-round energy savings.

8. Clean, replace, or remove your carpet

Remember to clean your carpets at least twice a year and vacuum them regularly. Make your carpets look as beautiful and vibrant as they were when you bought them. In case you are not satisfied with your current carpet after cleaning, it is better to replace it. You may also consider removing the carpeting to reveal the hardwood.

9. Create a space for your pet

Incorporate a special place for your favorite furry friends into your home décor. Enhance the entire look of a room by using pieces that are fun and comfortable for your pets, such as on-the-wall cat jungle gyms, fancy water fountains, pet teepees, etc. Such little changes will make both your home and your pet’s life a little bit brighter.

10. Hang a mirror on the wall

Spaces will appear larger than they really are with mirrors on the walls. By buying a few mirrors you like and hanging them, you will bring more light into your rooms. If your mirrors are too boring or old, you should find new ones to create a fresh look. New artworks are also a great option. Consider consulting experienced art installers to hand the art pieces at optimal level and height.

Remember that even small changes in your home can make a big impact. Feel free to use these improvement ideas to update your space with minimum investments.


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