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8 Wheat Decor Ideas


We live in the world of “What’s trending, what’s hot.” These things change every day and many people follow along. One area where this happens is with artwork. Recently, wheat decor has made its way into homes in the Midwest. From end tables to picture frames, this simple yet artistic print can be found adorning walls across America.

If you are looking for ways to style your home this winter, consider any of the wheat bundle decor ideas below.

Benefits of wheat decor

If you are looking to make your modern home decor seem more inviting, then wheat decor would be the perfect way to do it. More and more people are beginning to use wheat decor as a way to give their home a rustic look that’s warm and inviting.

Wheat stands for life, joy, friendship, abundance, fertility, strength, community, and it can even represent the harvest. It is an appealing decoration because it not only looks good but it smells great too! Also wheat is easier to maintain compared to plants or cut flowers.

How to decorate

1. Place it next to your sofa

Looking for the perfect fall wheat decor for your living room? Here is a great inspiration. One bundle of dried wheat placed in a gorgeous white vase. Potted plant at the back adds variety to this room.

2. On your TV stand

If you do not have a side table, you can still enjoy your wheat decor on a rustic TV stand. You can opt for a colorless vase or a colored option to suit your decor.

3. Dried wheat decor for a dark colored room

Bold and gorgeous, dark painted living rooms are popular among the younger generation. Commonly known as gothic decor, a great way to add some color to the space is by arranging dried wheat or pampas grass in a dark colored vase.

4. Create a wreath

On a budget this festive season? A dried wheat wreath is a great way to add glam on your walls or door. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to maintain.

5. On your coffee table

The perfect winter coffee table decor should be simple yet elegant. We love this unique arrangement. If you have young kids around, opt for a plastic vase.

6. On your nightstand

One of the best ways to bring the outdoors to your bedroom is by placing a bundle on your nightstand.

7. Add a little cheer on the kitchen shelf

Shaped like this sun, this simple wheat decor arrangement is a great way to add charm to your kitchen shelf. And instead of the traditional vase, opt for a small trunk.

8. On your dining table

This artificial wheat decor is the perfect centerpiece for a thanksgiving table setting. Pine corns add intrigue to the arrangement.

How do I care for my wheat decor?

Wheat decor is a popular way of bringing a rural or country feeling to rooms. The wheat is made from the dried husks of the grain and comes in a variety of different colors. It can be used to make swag, a garland, a wreath, or pieces to create a larger design.

To care for your wheat decor ensure you place your bundle where there is good airflow and no sunlight. Also do not spray water on it and keep it out-of-reach from little hands.


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