Home DIY Added value? The true worth of extensions, conversions and refurbishments at home

Added value? The true worth of extensions, conversions and refurbishments at home


If you want to get the most out of your house, either because you are set in it for life or are considering one day selling up, it can be well worth thinking about how to get the best possible use of the space. Thinking ahead, this also means getting the best possible profit on it if you do opt to sell. Whatever the amount that you bought it for, it is possible that if you do not take good care of a house for even a few years, it can damage the property’s value, despite inflation.

You can avoid this depreciation quite easily and, when the housing market is rising, you can even make a surprising profit by finding a few changes to make to the house that increases its value to the next buyer. Changes that can increase a house’s value impressively include extensions to the interior and exterior of the house, conversions of areas, especially of the lift and the inclusion of bathrooms, and more general refurbishment. 

Bathrooms can add a high level of value

Houses for sale or rent are often appraised in one line by not only their number of bedrooms, but also their number of bathrooms. If you own a house with one bathroom and more than two bedrooms it can be worth adding an en-suite to the largest bedroom. Alternatively, if there is an unused storage space or an area of garden at the back which could be turned into a conversion, that is also an option. In a multiple-storey house it is ideal to have a toilet on each floor.

Something to consider is where the utilities currently are – if they are all fitted into the kitchen but there is a basement or ground floor room you do not have a good use for, then it can make sense to turn that into a utility area and, potentially the second bathroom. Having the builders in can be expensive but can also add a great deal of value, so it can become a smart investment.

Loft conversions offer a chance to take back control of your space

If you have a loft that is currently used for a little bit of storage and nothing else, you may be living under a figurative goldmine. Converting a loft can open up great opportunities for decluttering your living areas and providing a potential workspace. Using a specialist conversion service such as Instaloft can mean you gain an extra room in your house. Loft conversions are also very valuable as they can offer a chance to insulate your loft, which you can expect to last at least forty years, and to pay for itself many times over in this time.

With your lift conversion it may well be possible to turn a storage area into a valuable workplace, although it is often not possible to make these conversions into bedrooms. Having a home office and a place to relax can give you greater peace of mind.


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