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How A Better HVAC System Can Increase Home Value

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Homeowners considering a sale can increase their prices and profits by jacking up the value of their homes before placing it on the market.

The ways in which this can be done must be carefully considered or investments will yield disastrously low returns.

One of the most important ways a savvy home buyer can improve his winnings on a sale is by addressing the homes HVAC system.

You may not actually be able to cover the cost of the HVAC system in your final sale price, but there are still some important reasons this improvement will greatly increase the desirability of your home on the market.

First, a home with a failing HVAC system is going to be a real problem for the buyer and one that can’t be fully addressed with a lowered price. The additional hassle of having a new HVAC system installed before moving or after moving is enough to reduce your client pool significantly.

Then, there is a study that shows that homes that are equipped with an up-to-date HVAC system and other energy efficient features enjoy prices boosted by over 5.5%. This was when compared to similar homes that lack these features.

Tips for Choosing an HVAC System that Increases Your Home’s Value

When you show your home to a prospective buyer, you can expect that one of the things they would like to inspect thoroughly will be the HVAC system.

Even if your HVAC system is running perfectly, if it is older than 10, it can already be considered old. It will be a matter of years before it needs replacing and the buyer knows this.

The important thing to keep in mind when looking for a new system is choosing the one that will give you the most bang for the buck. Different regions and climates place different needs on their HVAC system.

Choosing the upgrades that provide the most value to a property in your region will improve the favorability it has on the market, and could even result in some tax breaks that improve your profits.

In the end, simply having an HVAC system in proper running conditions will be more than enough to improve and shorten your homes time in the market. But, paying attention to a specific set of ultimate goals will allow you to significantly widen your profit margins.

Green and Energy Efficient

Everyone cares about the environment these days and why wouldn’t they? By making the environmental-friendliness of your home your selling point, you appeal to a considerable portion of the market.

If it features energy-efficient features that will make their stay more enjoyable, you appeal to the cash-conscious buyer. That just about covers everyone.

Smaller is Better  

If you have an older unit in your home it could take up as much space as a walk-in fridge. Consider improving the value of your home by increasing the functional room. Today’s HVAC systems are tiny in comparison to what you’ve seen.

Add a Heat Pump

A heat pump will work from solar energy to improve the efficiency of your unit. But, don’t even bother if you live in a region with more cloudy days than sunny.

Choosing the Right Size Unit

The size of the unit is an important factor to consider. Break out a pencil and begin calculating how much cooling/heating you will need for your home and make sure your choice of HVAC system is spot on. An HVAC that is too large will waste valuable resources of cash and energy. A unit that’s too small will be wasting a lot of power by running consistently.

Call in the Expert

The best way to get the most of your investment would be to consult with an expert.

Heat exchange and transfer as well as the material and design of the home interplay with the regional climate to produce a unique dynamic in the structure. A proper HVAC professional will be able to take all the important factors into consideration and provide you a recommendation on the needs of your home.

Furthermore, there are also a variety of special components, attachments, interface and control units and more that can greatly improve the service provided by your HVAC system. Having variable speed blowers or improved compressors will give you some special features to highlight to your prospective clients.

Will a New HVAC System Increase the Value of My home?

Home buyers today are more fastidious than ever and presenting a home that runs smoothly and cost-effectively is the best way to increase the asking price and the desirability of the markets. An Upgraded HVAC unit is one of the best ways to address this need.

The choice of your new HVAC unit will need to be made carefully to take full advantage of the value increase. If you are not sure where to begin, consult with your local HVAC provider.


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