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Best trends to follow to upgrade internal doors in 2019


The internal doors of your home are some of the most essential features of your house. They divide different rooms, add structure to the interior, and also align with the interior design theme that you have in place. The kind of internal door you use can have a significant impact on the way your home looks, and whether or not the interior matches with every feature or not.

While a lot of people may want to redecorate their homes at this time of the year, a lot might also just want to ease into the redecoration by taking simpler and easier steps. One such step is changing the interior of your home only by changing your internal doors and upgrading them. Much like all furniture related trends, the 2019 internal door trends have had a significant impact on the market, and people across the world are buying extremely trendy doors. Here are the top 5 internal door trends of 2019 that you should follow:

1.    Minimalist door

Internal doors are of many kinds, but in 2019, the minimalist door is what is catching everyone’s eye. This is a door that has basic features, is not very colourful, does not have bold patterns, and is quite plain. This all adds to its elegance and sophistication and makes it the perfect accent door for a colourful home.

2.    Love of nature

This year, we are all going back to our love of mother nature. This is echoed in our choice of furniture and home design as well. For that very reason, doors that have a natural wood texture, and natural wood colours are in trend, as opposed to heavily painted or glazed doors. The union between humankind and nature is echoed in such furniture choices and is on trend this year.

3.    Back to the basics

For those that love colourful internal doors, this year has brought an interesting thing for us. Even though plainer doors are to be preferred, for those that wish to add colour to their homes, a great option is the use of primary colours. Doors coloured in primary colours, which graphic shapes, are simple enough for the interior trends, but are not dull either.

4.    Walls

This year has told us that bold wall colours must be appreciated and invested in, which means that the doors must echo that pattern and not starkly contrast with it. For bolder walls, it is best not to have bright interior doors. Instead, a simpler glazed door can make the room look a lot better.

5.    Glass and steel doors

This is a trend mostly used for front doors, but this year the trend is spreading to other areas of your home. Glass and steel doors have a simple, yet unmistakable, modern look, and can be used anywhere in the home to bring in extra light, and to open up the house even more.


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