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A Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing a Platform Bed


Presently, the most popular bed frames are platform beds. Well, this does not comes as a surprise to us, as these are the most versatile beds, giving you contemporary look, and comes in a variety of designs and styles to help you choose that will suit perfectly with your home décor, but giving your bedroom a unique design.

Before we dig into the right kind of platform beds for you, let’s just take a look to know what platform beds are.

This is a traditional bed frame, which is specifically designed by keeping the box spring bed in mind. As the box spring bed works as a rectangular box with a fabric-covered wooden frame, having a solid top, which is mostly made by wood slats.

Though, a platform bed is designed for the use that does not require any foundation. This is a traditional form of bed that requires a mattress which can rest directly on the platform, as it has a solid surface if you want those, or it also comes in slats, based on different inch gap. Just like other beds, the platform beds differ in height and size, so you can choose any kind of bed based on your needs by adding the perfect mattress as the foundational setup.

As compared to other kinds of beds, platform beds offer satisfactory support for several types of mattresses and these are of different choices and styles.

Types of Platform Beds

You are provided with a broad range of options for the platform beds. The only difference in these platform beds is about the surface, either it can be a flat surface or comes with slats, the material frames are made from bits of help in making the apt decision for your bedroom.

Earlier the styles and designs of platform beds come with just a surface, but with the years passing by these designs have extended to add up headboards or footboards. So, here are different kinds of platform beds that you can choose from.

Wooden platform beds

This type of beds is concrete, durable, sturdy, and versatile. Based on the kind of wood used and the finish, these platform bed bears a modern and contemporary style with a more bucolic air. Though these beds can be slightly heavy for you to use, these are the most popular ones.

Upholstered platform beds

These kinds of beds are usually constructed with the wood, giving a solid and beautiful finish. The upholstered platforms have been sporadically designed, which can let the use of any kind of fabric, which means you can use any type of mattress to enjoy comfortable and finish, providing you with endless choices for personalisation.

Metal platform beds

Another kind of platform beds that are generally designed or can say constructed by using steel or iron. These are other prevalent options that are common among various homeowners that are looking forward to constructing beautiful and traditional look for their bedroom. With the metal platform, the mattress that will help to provide you with a perfect sleek out option.

Storage platform beds

The use of platform beds delivers you with a broad range of advantages, which serves as the conventional frames as well as sets the foundations of the beds. When it comes to finding the kind of platform bed for your use, you are provided with the options that help you for under-bed storage as well, which means, these platform beds have space which can be entitled to storing or you can even construct storage cabinets for your needs. Though, there are some beds that have built-in storage drawers, a perfect choice for your bedroom.


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