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Ways To Make Your Living Room Cosy


Cosiness isn’t a fashion but a feeling, the relaxed atmosphere of a room that makes us want to curl up and isolate ourselves from the world. A living room might feel cosy, all thanks to its proportions and architecture, like a cottage interior or a snug Victorian sitting room. It might also feel cosy because it’s filled with books and personal objects, decorated with warm colours or furnished with loads of comfy seating options for friends and family.

There are no special recipes for what makes a space feel cosy. Everything simply depends on your personality and individual tastes. Sometimes, it takes just a little bit of heart to create a pleasant living room rather than a big budget. Let’s take a look at some wide-ranging examples of how to create a comfortable living room regardless of your style or budget.

  • Pile On The Pillows

Pillows are the foundation of a friendly living room! It provides a rest for your feet or head when a Netflix binge-watching turns into a Netflix nap. Toss a couple of pillows on your chairs and couch, and don’t forget the floor: overfilled floor pillows can double as additional seating for guests. Your friends or families will like it!

  • Supersize Your Sofa

At some point, we all consider the idea of upgrading our sofa set. You could opt for an extra-deep one that’s both great for nap friendly, as well as entertaining larger crowds. While you don’t want one that’s too small or too narrow to be comfortable, you also don’t want your sofa set to overpower your space. It’s an excellent idea!

  • Multiply Your Seating

When designing a cosy living space, come-hither seating is a must. Chairs should be cushy, couches should be deep-seated and there should always be ample seating to go around. Also, do not forget to position tables within arm’s reach to make your guests feel even more at home. Everything they need to relax is nearby, whether it’s a glass of wine or their phone.

  • Collect Cosy Throws

Throws can provide a room with added colour and texture in addition to supplying a dose of warmth and comfort when needed. Decorate a throw across the back of your couch to give your room some more style, or smartly fold a couple in a floor basket close to the foot of a chair. Plus, you can switch them out with the seasons or on a whim.

  • Black It Out

One of the best ideas to make the most out of. If you want to really give your living room a peaceful feeling, why not paint the walls a dark, moody colour. Whether forest green, blue-grey or pitch black, a darker colour will make you want to hunker down and chill out.

There You Have It…

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