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5 Ways to Make Your Love Nest Really Cozy


Usually, when a girl moves in with a man, and young people start living together, their apartment doesn’t look like a love nest. Everyone knows that bachelors don’t take care about coziness, they adore their “man cave” and don’t want to bother with order and additional comfort. You don’t need to apologize to a girlfriend for your lifestyle because, in any case, a woman will look for a brand-new way to organize life together. Here are several life hacks which will help you turn the apartment into the coziest place without spending a lot of money.

  1. Choose the right sofa

Being a bachelor, you would prefer a big leather sofa for hanging out with friends, but now, you should choose something smaller and more pleasant for touching. Your sofa should have a coating made of jacquard, velour, chenille, or flock. Decide whether the sofa will divide your room into zones or will stand modestly in a corner. If you like the first option, you can choose a long model with a high back. And if you lean toward the second one, a compact sofa will be more suitable. In small apartments, a sofa can be used as a bed as well.

  1. Organize a cozy corner

If you have a panoramic window or a comfortable balcony, place two chairs and a coffee table by it and put a small bookcase with your favorite books, photos, and interior items by the side of the table. If the size of the room allows to visually fence off this space, use, for example, a big plant for this purpose. So you will have a cozy corner which is perfect for tea drinking and reading together.

  1. Think about lighting

The chandelier in the center of the ceiling is a “classic solution” which you should give up. The light is spread unevenly, and the chandelier itself is a non-compact thing which visually takes a lot of space. This is especially noticeable if the ceiling is too low. There are many other ways to light up the room. You can use LED lights and self-adhesive tapes, light panels, integrated and modular lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps. For example, a great replacement for a chandelier is a modular lamp in the form of droplets, deer antlers, or branches.

Light is a great tool for zoning space. Use vector lamps which collect light in a powerful stream. You can create diffused soft light, using a floor lamp which will be suitable near the sofa where you rest. Choose furniture of a light color because dark colors absorb light. Bulbs emitting blue and white light should be replaced with warm yellow light.

  1. Don’t ignore “hygge” things

Coziness is about interesting cushions and a big soft plaid in which you can wrap yourselves up, drinking tea, and watching an interesting movie with your loved one. Besides, if you want to make your bathroom and kitchen a little bit more comfortable, use candles with pleasant aromas. Nowadays, you can find candles which will be perfect for different seasons.

  1. Spread a carpet on the floor

You can find a carpet with a short, medium, and long pile. Shaggy carpets are always about comfort in a bedroom and living room. However, take into account that it isn’t easy to clean them in comparison to carpets with a short and medium pile, so it is better not to spread such a carpet in a hallway. If you use a huge carpet, space will seem smaller. Therefore, leave at least a small distance to baseboards. A square or rectangular carpet will be suitable if you have standard furniture, and not in the Baroque style. If you have furniture like in Versailles, then choose round and oval carpets. In addition to above-mentioned advantages, a shaggy carpet is an excellent home lounge area which will be appreciated by both of you.


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