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The 6 Best Places For Home Security Camera Installation


Security cameras are an essential element in any comprehensive security plan according to the guys from TechImperatives.com. When you have a multi-pronged strategy for protecting your home and all that it contains, burglars, vandals, and other ill-intentioned parties will have to successfully bypass multiple layers of safeguarding. More importantly, they’ll have a significantly higher likelihood of getting caught in the process. This is especially true when homeowners make sure to position their security cameras carefully. Following are the six most effective places to install these tools.

1. Right At The Front Door

Just above or off to the side of the front entryway is an important place to set up a security camera. While most burglars won’t target your front door due to its high level of visibility, this is an excellent deterrent against crime on your property overall. A prominently placed camera shows people that you’re serious about protecting your home, and that you’ve already taken measures to prevent theft and property damage. Simply seeing one of these units in place will make many criminals far less likely to target your property.

Another benefit of front door installation is that it will give you a better opportunity to screen visitors. You can take advantage of real-time footage every time your doorbell rings. With just a quick glance, you’ll be able to verify whether or not you know and actually want to see the visiting party. This is far safer than relying upon the exceedingly limited field of vision supplied by your front door’s peephole.

2. In Various Common Areas Indoors

Security cameras are also great for use inside of the home. This is especially true if you have contractors coming in while you’re away, babysitters who care for your children within the home, or family pets. These units will give you real time footage of all that’s going on within the property interior while you’re at work or any other location. They are great for making sure that daycare providers and elderly caregivers are being kind and attentive, for checking up on the daytime behaviors of cats and dogs, and for making sure that hired parties are doing exactly what they should be doing while working in or passing through your living environment.

3. At All Exterior Windows

Windows are among the most heavily targeted entry points among burglars. That’s because they are usually the easiest barriers to transgress. Having home security cameras installed at most or all major windows is both a good visual deterrent against crime, and an excellent way to capture clear footage of anyone who’s trying to illegally enter your property.

4. In Garage And Parking Areas

When establishing your home security plan, don’t overlook your garage or covered parking areas. After all, thieves and vandals know that homeowners are prone to keeping valuable and cherished items in these spaces as well. Taking additional measures to prevent automotive damage and theft may even help you qualify for discounts on your auto insurance.

5. Throughout Hallways

Although security cameras do not create actual barricades that thieves have to bypass, they do provide clear footage of theft and vandalism events. Most burglars and vandals will have to pass through your hallways in order to successfully and thoroughly comb through your belongings. They will also need to use these spaces when trying to transport stolen items out. Security cameras in hallways will capture clean images of these activities that can then be shared with local law enforcement agencies. Moreover, even though these units will be filming criminals after they are already in the home, they can still be good visual deterrents in these locations.

6. The Back Door And Back Yard

Given that backyards and back doors tend to be far more dimly lit than curbside receiving areas, they are often targeted for break-ins. Putting a few cameras up in these spaces will ensure that your home’s exterior is protected from every side and all angles. Cameras on the rearmost portion of the home are especially important if you happen to keep high-value items in these areas. For instance, if you have an outdoor kitchen, a costly grill, or other amenities for hosting parties and catering to your guests, you’ll want these items to have the same level of protection that all your other assets enjoy.

While security cameras can, in some instances, be excellent standalone solutions for preventing criminal activity, these devices tend to work best when they are paired with other security products and strategies. For instance, your backyard cameras can be supplemented with a comprehensive and multi-layered outdoor lighting plan, and your front door camera can be bolstered via the addition of an intercom system. The elements that you choose to include in your home security plan should be reflective of the area in which you live, the layout of your property, and your unique security needs. When positioned correctly, security cameras won’t just prevent crimes from happening. They will also record footage of any unauthorized activities, and give you and all other building residents far greater peace of mind.


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