Cricket Betting Strategy: Top 10 Tips


    When you want to bet on cricket it is very important to go to the betting site with a vision of how you will do it. Just getting to the right place and investing in the market is not always the right way. Below, we have compiled 10 key factors to consider when developing a cricket betting strategy. While you don’t need all 10 tips, you should still make sure you stick to most of them when betting on cricket. Before getting acquainted with the essential tips for betting on this sport, the player needs to find a reliable online casino. In order to find the best gambling platforms, use the online casino aggregators, where you can find casinos from both old casinos and new online casinos australia 2021.

    1. Weather

    In cricket, if it is raining lightly, the match will be stopped. This has a huge impact on rates. For example, if England were playing South Africa and dominating their opponent who was behind in the second serve, England would be a huge betting favorite, and that makes sense. However, imagine that the weather suddenly changed, washing away the last two days of the game, the match would have ended in a draw, despite the fact that England was on the verge of victory. It is therefore incredibly important to keep an eye on the weather as it will likely change your cricket betting strategy.

    2. Format

    There are three formats for playing cricket are Test, ODI and T20. The Test Run is the longest and oldest format of the game. Test cricket, designed for five days of play with 90 races a day, is more like a chess game, where teams battle for points before trite “outbid” their opponents. ODI (One Day International) is a 100 overs match, divided into innings of 50 overs for each side, and is played over one day. Cricket T20 (Twenty20) is the shortest and most addicting format of the game. With so few runs in a match, hitting hard is the norm.

    3. Different Markets

    Like any other sport, cricket betting provides a wide variety of betting markets. Using the right one for you is extremely important to form high chances of winning and making a profit. Using different markets will often result in you shrinking or lengthening your odds, while the value of your bets will change as well. For example, when using the match winner betting market, there will be three options allowing you to bet on Team A, Team B, or a draw.

    4. Handicap Bets

    It makes no sense to place a huge bet on a team with profitable odds, just to try to get back the money that was previously lost. It is important that you use a good money management strategy that can only help when you use the right markets and find profitable rates.

    5. Coin toss

    While it may seem inconsequential, coin flipping is an incredibly important part of any cricket game. A coin toss is the basis of who will hit first, although sometimes this is done with a “toss of the bat”. The drawing of lots is very important because the fields and courts around the world are very different. If you hit first on the field at Old Trafford, things could be different in the next game at Edgbaston. As such, it is always worth taking the time to review the pitch report before a match.

    6. Venue

    As mentioned earlier, different courts and pitches will influence which teams or individual players stand out the most. The psychological side of cricket is extremely important and can often be very revealing when trying to decide who will win a match.

    7. Fitness

    The shape of either side or player is often a very important tool in deciding which way to bet. For example, if India heads into a match with New Zealand as the favorite, but loses its last five games, and New Zealand wins its last 10 games in a row, that would be a reasonable bet in favor of the latter. Likewise, if India has not won a single test in New Zealand in their last eight attempts, then they are likely to fight again in a country where they were poor in recent history. Fitness monitoring can be good advice, but it does not guarantee that your bet will be realized. Indeed, sports betting is so exciting because it is extremely unpredictable. It happens that a clear favorite can lose to an outsider, while a side in good shape can suddenly face a psychological obstacle.

    8. Live Betting

    In-game betting, also known as live betting, allows players to place bets on the events that take place in a match. When betting on the game, the bookmakers will update their odds in real time. This style of betting can offer a lot of value and excitement, but you have to keep in mind the fact that live betting takes some getting used to. You could see how the odds of a certain bet change by following the match online. However, subsequent events in the game could show that in the course of a sports competition, everything can change dramatically.

    9. Live broadcast

    Live streaming allows you to watch how you place your bets on the bookmaker’s website. This has tremendous benefits as watching a match allows you to see in which direction events are going. For example, if you watch a game and see that Jasprit Bumra is giving Joe Ruth some real trouble with the first four overs, then you can put money on Ruth. If you were following the text comment in real time, it would be much more difficult, since the comment appears after each repetition, which means the opportunity to miss the chance to place the right bet in time.

    10. Welcome Offers

    Depending on the bookmaker you work with, you may be given a very generous offer as a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus applies to the player who has registered with the bookmaker or online casino and the bookmaker gives them an incentive to register, such as free bets or credit bets.

    To ensure the best money management when creating cricket bets, we recommend looking for the best markets and placing your bets profitably, while a preliminary examination of the venues, players and the format of the game may reveal that the bet may not be successful. Ensuring proper money management for your betting is vital when betting on cricket, and if you combine this with the best forecast together, you are likely to make a very good profit.


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